Thursday, January 31, 2013

Racing again

Did a "race" this past weekend (PIRATE CXC) for the first time since Eureka Springs Fatty Fest.  I "earned" second place.  Read up here.

Sitting on my ass the past semester drinking beer did me well this race.  Shit, actually just looking at the results I would have still gotten fourth without the time bonuses, behind GWiz, Tige, and Micah.  Umm, high five to me now cause I'm losing to all three of them any day of the week anyway.  So, I got first place in my book.

Street Cred starts this weekend.  All of February.  Also, more Pirate CXC on Feb. 23.  Come play!  I'm thinking no USAC races this year.  They're lame.

peace and riding!