Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i just want my bed

move in to midtown is totally complete. move out of the other shit hole is totally complete.

thank whatever deity pleases you, i just want my bed.

yesterday was probably the longest day i've had in a while. not so physically tough as hardcore mentally greuling. woke up at 8 after moving stuff all weekend and on about 6 hours of sleep for my first ride from my new place right west of hyde park in midtown to JCCC for work and school. got my bag all packed up and strapped onto my new rack that I had put on the fuji.

interjection: I've had a fuji newest 4.0 road bike that was fully geared and weighes a ton. Stripped that bitch down raw, put a single speed conversion kit on, geared it 42-16 (spin, baby, spin!) and put a rear rack on the back for the 40 mile commutes I would be enduring 3x a week during july.

back to the program: so anyway, I got my bag loaded, strapped the floor pump on with it (I decided my puny hand pump wasn't worth f-ing with when I could strap the big boy on) and took off. I live at 36th and Warwick, took that south to the Art museum, Oak to Volker, Volker to trolly trail, trolly to 80-somethingish road to troost, cut across on 89th to ward parkway, 92nd to state line to 96th to lee blvd, got to 103rd and went to roe, south 1 block to the park and indian creek trail access, took that until I saw 115th street, wound through the neighborhoods and got to jccc. I did pretty much the same route home, just crusing down the hill on college blvd from jccc to corporate woods, picked up the indian creek trail and did the same route home at 9 pm after I got out of Spanish class. riding at night with real night lights is kick ass by the way.

no flats, lost 2 screws in my rack and consequently almost lost my bag twice. I think I have this problem solved with longer screws to hold the rack onto the bike. the ones that came stock were pretty short.

right now i'm at work at jccc. my roomie let me borrow her car so i could go check out of my other apartment. i am glad too, she dragged my ass out to westport last night until 4 am and i had to get up at 8 this morning. reread the title.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

midtown move

yoyo: My move to midtown is almost complete. My brothers came up from the boons to help me out moving all my shitttt. Big ups to them, it was hot as hell and we had to go up three flights of narrow ass stairs. Got a couple loads left to take over today, mostly clothes and miscellaneous small crap, then clean the old place up. Pretty sure my Outdoor Recreation class is going to be dropped tomorrow after I double check with financial aid to make sure they won't make me pay anything back. Never take a 3 hour PE class in the summer for an easy A if you are taking a 4th level foreign language as well. 3 hour PE classes are ridic hard, for real, and not the fun, intellectual, college hard. It's the busy-work, open-ended high-school level hard. Stupid.

Yesterday and today will be the first days all month I have not ridden my bike. I am sure my legs and core will appreciated the rest.

Since the move to midtown is done, my 40 mile, 3x a week commutes are about to commmence. Midtown to JCCC is a lonnnnngggg way. July should be fun.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday was killlllller tonight, check out the milage log to the right --->

Steele came down from l-town and hooked it up, shredded some gnar, and basically put Mason and I into the ground.  I was already at about 26-27 miles when they got there around 6:30.  

Here was my day:  ride to work 8 am (with spanish books/clothes for work/riding gear for trails/camelbak/light kit); work 9-3 (lunch break: rode to hen house to pick up granola bars/gatorade for later on, and stuff to make a quick sandwich for lunch, then rode to the park to eat and enjoy my break...lunch nutrition ended up being a terrible call); ride from JCCC to BuRP; get to the Sand Trap and immediately do a lap with Tim Greene consisting of ox box/basement/bo-ha-ca/river trail w/ little moab/roads.  

Get back to the Trap to meet Steele, get ready, and Tim decides to drink beer.  Steele and I run to the gas station so I can refuel on gatorade while we're waiting on Mason to get there.  Mason gets there, we get our lights set up and take off.  Lap this time with Steele and Mason was ox bow/basement/bo-ha-ca to very north section of highline, all sections of highline going back south/roads back to Sand Trap.  The last section of highline killed me.  That's where I decided to call it quits.  I hiked-a-bike the last 1/4 mile or so rocky section before the switch backs back down the hill on the south side where I then cruised out to blue ridge blvd.  Steele and Mason kept going and ended up going back north on bo-ha-ca to the basement trail, then basement/ox bow/back to the trap where I had 12 tacos waiting for us by the time they got back.  

goddamn they were good.

ps--all my riding today was done on a 34x20 single speed, fully rigid GT Peace 2-9r.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Swope Thursday Night Rides, with your host, me.

Check the EARTHRIDERS topic here: http://forums.earthriders.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9051

My announcement here: 

The ride will begin EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT at 6:00 PM (MTB time) with a warm-up from the Plaza (Volker/Brookside) down into the Swope trails (if trails are not ridable, there will have alternative routes I will be scoping out soon). If you do not want to do the warm-up ride, we should make it to the Swope trailhead around 6:45, where we will re-group before hitting the dirt. Also feel free to join us anywhere along the route to continue onto Swope. I am estimating we will be around 61st street/Trolley trail by 6:10, and Dunn Park/Research Medical Center by 6:15 if you would rather meet up with us at either of those locations. Also, I will be riding back from Swope to the Midtown area when finished doing laps for the evening, feel free to join me on the journey there and back! 

Please see the information below regarding more specifics about the route:




***Follows the Trolley Track trail to 61st street bike route. 61st street east will turn into Citadel then Woodland. Turn east on Meyer Blvd bike route and go to Swope Pwky bike routes. Turn south, Swope turns into Cleveland to Gregory. Gregory east into the park. This entire route follows bike paths, posted bike routes/share the road routes and bike lanes from the Plaza into the Swope Park trails.


btw--fun times to be had post-ride :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Swope and Stocksdale goodness

Got out to Swope last night for some good hard laps around the sickness.  Phase Two is absolutely nastyyyyy.  I can't wait to get the full suspension built back up to go free ride out there and on highline at BuRP.

Also went out to Stocksdale Park in Liberty this morning with Mason for another ride.  We'd been up there to work, but never to ride, and man, they are some cool ass trails.  It really amazes me at how many truly awesome trails we have in the KC area.  A lot like the Lawrence River trails, but with tons of elevation change.  Make sure you bring your climbing attitude.  But anyway. I started bonking about two miles in, from being dehydrated.  Sat for a minute, sucked down some water, hit some gatorade and was a lot better off.  We were starting our second lap and Mason bit it hard on an endo and messed his hand/finger up pretty good.  Left some nice blood on the rock too from his shoulder. 

I've been hitting over 150 miles a week for the past three weeks and my legs and back feel it right now...


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello blogosphere!

Yo yo peeps.

New blog here from the one and only KC Rasta Rider, Brett Shoffner.  Getting my own pad in a couple weeks, the single speed roadie painted a nice rasta color :), a fixed roadie built up and rasta-fied, summer schoolin' and ready for some upcoming MTB races.  Look for me on the rasta colored bike, whether it be on the road or trails!