Friday, June 19, 2009

Swope and Stocksdale goodness

Got out to Swope last night for some good hard laps around the sickness.  Phase Two is absolutely nastyyyyy.  I can't wait to get the full suspension built back up to go free ride out there and on highline at BuRP.

Also went out to Stocksdale Park in Liberty this morning with Mason for another ride.  We'd been up there to work, but never to ride, and man, they are some cool ass trails.  It really amazes me at how many truly awesome trails we have in the KC area.  A lot like the Lawrence River trails, but with tons of elevation change.  Make sure you bring your climbing attitude.  But anyway. I started bonking about two miles in, from being dehydrated.  Sat for a minute, sucked down some water, hit some gatorade and was a lot better off.  We were starting our second lap and Mason bit it hard on an endo and messed his hand/finger up pretty good.  Left some nice blood on the rock too from his shoulder. 

I've been hitting over 150 miles a week for the past three weeks and my legs and back feel it right now...


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