Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i just want my bed

move in to midtown is totally complete. move out of the other shit hole is totally complete.

thank whatever deity pleases you, i just want my bed.

yesterday was probably the longest day i've had in a while. not so physically tough as hardcore mentally greuling. woke up at 8 after moving stuff all weekend and on about 6 hours of sleep for my first ride from my new place right west of hyde park in midtown to JCCC for work and school. got my bag all packed up and strapped onto my new rack that I had put on the fuji.

interjection: I've had a fuji newest 4.0 road bike that was fully geared and weighes a ton. Stripped that bitch down raw, put a single speed conversion kit on, geared it 42-16 (spin, baby, spin!) and put a rear rack on the back for the 40 mile commutes I would be enduring 3x a week during july.

back to the program: so anyway, I got my bag loaded, strapped the floor pump on with it (I decided my puny hand pump wasn't worth f-ing with when I could strap the big boy on) and took off. I live at 36th and Warwick, took that south to the Art museum, Oak to Volker, Volker to trolly trail, trolly to 80-somethingish road to troost, cut across on 89th to ward parkway, 92nd to state line to 96th to lee blvd, got to 103rd and went to roe, south 1 block to the park and indian creek trail access, took that until I saw 115th street, wound through the neighborhoods and got to jccc. I did pretty much the same route home, just crusing down the hill on college blvd from jccc to corporate woods, picked up the indian creek trail and did the same route home at 9 pm after I got out of Spanish class. riding at night with real night lights is kick ass by the way.

no flats, lost 2 screws in my rack and consequently almost lost my bag twice. I think I have this problem solved with longer screws to hold the rack onto the bike. the ones that came stock were pretty short.

right now i'm at work at jccc. my roomie let me borrow her car so i could go check out of my other apartment. i am glad too, she dragged my ass out to westport last night until 4 am and i had to get up at 8 this morning. reread the title.


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