Saturday, July 4, 2009


moving, schooling, riding, training, drinking, partying, city life-ing.

this week has been nuts. lots of miles, lots of liquor, lots of tests, lots of not enough sleep. i'm in lawrence right now getting ready to go watch to tour of lawrence. no bike with me so I'll be running/hiking everywhere this weekend. not too bad if the rain holds off until i can get back to shelter.

thursday night swope ride was a little disappointing. hopefully there weren't as many people as there normally will be because of the holiday weekend. i know a lot of people dipped out early this week from work. there were still probably 8 or so others I saw, Travis Donn and Travis Stephens blazing ridick fast laps, Phil Scherer and Ben McCall did a lap with Pete Barth and then me. Also saw a guy on a sick Moots set-up and a couple others parked in the lot, but didn't see on the trail.

night laps at swope are the shit by the way. peace!

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