Friday, July 10, 2009

thursday's at swope

great turnout last night! lots of people on the trails and cars in the lot. really cool. big ups to nate who rode in with me from the plaza. looks like it'll be at least us two riding in every week, hopefully more will join soon.

henceforth we will be leaving the trolley track trail head at brookside/volker at 5:15 pm to arrive at the swope trail head by 6 pm. gives us more daylight at the trails to have a bigger group.

anyway, nate and i started up the blue, got onto the newly officially opened phase 2, and met Phil Scherer and Joe Folse, who were headed the opposite direction. We bs'd for a minute and I convinced them to jump[ on out tail and ride with us through phase two and back down the orange. did one lap and nate was ready for some food, btw, he was on flat pedals, crazzzzzy. I forget those exist sometimes.

we cruised down swope pwky down to brush creek for the ride home. after riding through grass and goose shit for what seemed like forever, nate made the good call of getting us back on the road. 21 miles all said and done by the time i got back home.

right now i'm at jccc using some internets cause mine's not hooked up in the new place yet. rode here too, yay for another 40 miles.

tomorrow is bikes and brews and landahl. mountain biking at landahl, barbeque and beer? not much better than that in kansas city.


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