Sunday, July 5, 2009

tour of lawrence

watched some Tour of Lawrence yesterday. It was the downtown crit, pretty cool stuff, didn't get to see anyone bite it though. roadie racing is so wankish really, those fellas are afraid to make a move it seems. just sit in the pack and try to sprint at the end, dumb. hahaha, but anyway, enough of me bashing the roadies, I like doing it, just aggressively :)

i will give the dudes cred though on being in insane shape. Cat 4s averaged 25 MPH, 3s probably around 28 and Pros were around 32 I heard. Dudes were flying around the mile loop downtown. Really cool to watch at home.

big ups to my TEAM COLAVITA/PARISI teammates Eric Stull (3rd in Cat 4), Britton K (3rd in Cat 3) and Matt P (4th in Cat 3) for their performances downtown yesterday. I missed the end of the 4s race while having a beer at free state, mmmmmm, sorry Eric! I was really impressed with Britton and Matt though. They started at the dead end of the pack of around 50 riders and slowly but surely gained positions until with 2 laps to go, they were in the break pack, where they held on for 3rd and 4th. VERY smart racers, good job fellas.

Federer is about to beat Roddick, it's 7-6 in the 5th set advantage Fed. I don't know why I'm putting anything about it, but it is badass. I hope he pulls it out, 15 majors in tennis is an insane accomplishment. i'm an equal opportunity sports enthusiast, so sue me.


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