Monday, July 20, 2009

longest ride ever

saturday was the farmhouse classic gravel grinder century ride, hosted by Joe of cycle city for his birthday bash. free breakfast, fully-stocked SAG station at the halfway point and free barbeque/food/beer after finishing = AWESOME DAY!!! huge ups to Joe, his family and everyone who helped put the ride together, great time, great eats/drinks, great people. absolutely killer smoked chicken wings, pulled pork and corn on the cob; ice cold american canned goodness; wow, i really wish i could do it every day :)

now ride details...the morning started with a tad over 7 mile trek to teammate Marcus Skala's house in Prairie Village, where we met up with ChrisGo Thomas and headed north. Ate some dank egg/sausage casserole, drank some oj, pounded a couple homemade bluebery muffins and the ride took off at around 9:15 am. we were going basically from lathrop, MO to easton, MO by way of gravel back roads. I was the only crazy ass on a single speed, so ups to me. decided to gear at 40-16, and by the end, that was just about the right call. the 100-miler guys took off at a blazing pace from the start while us 63 milers hung back a little. It was generally a rolling, flat ride except for the middle 10 miles going there and back, which had a couple killer steep hills with fresh, loose gravel. I finished at the halfway point with the 2 lead guys on the 63 mile route. I saw them about 5 miles from Easton and made it my goal to catch them. well, i had to spin my ass off, but i caught marcus and another guy about halfway through town and rolled into the SAG with them.

at the SAG there were a couple 100 mile guys still hanging. i pounded water, some cytomax, 4 gels, a pack of powerade gel bits, some trail mix and a nutter butter before stocking up for the return ride, hahahaha. i got the nickname C-store on the way back, as my jersey was loaded with crap for the journey back to the farm. filled a bottle with cytomax, still had 1 gatorade i hadn't cracked, re-filled 2 water bottles, took 4 gels, another package of powerade gel bits and 3 packages of nutter butter cookies. i goddamn near went through everything on the way back too.

got back to the farm--63.4 miles, 4 hours 2 minutes, 15.3 MPH average.

gorged on beer and food, got a ride back to the crib with ChrisGo, who btw has some killa pics in Urban Velo right now, napped for little bit, woke up and rode to popeyes where i gorged on more food. absolutely awesome day.

sunday, elize (the roomie) and I went to this dannnnnnk thai/chinese place in asian food I'd ever had...she watched in amazement as I downed three large plates of the dankest chicken, steak, veggies, rice, noodles and whatever else was in front of me. probably in took 4000 calories in that meal, no lie :)

this morning I woke up for my ride into JCCC. I finally got the rear rack replaced by my boys at the RECYCLERY in lawrence but had some major mechanicals before taking off and during the ride. had a sidewall tear and tried to switch tires out, but for the life of me could not get the tire off the other rim from my the steel SS roadie. So i patched the tire the best I could, threw a new tube in and hoped for the best. ride was going good for the first 3 miles or so then i heard a nassssty grinding above my ipod. chain tensoner bolt had come loose and needed a fixing, plus the seat was at Elize chill-ride height, not Brett-commuting to JCCC height. took a few minutes to fix those issues and hammered to get here. got from the crib to jccc in under an hour, a new best by over 15 minutes.

i think i'm getting in a little better shape finally. my back muscles and legs feel great :)


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