Wednesday, July 29, 2009


totally just realized I didn't post here what the ride today was...the typical 20 miles from my house to jccc, worked from 8-2 then rode from jccc to lawrence for another 40...thats right, knocked 60 today, 100 the past 2 days. my boy dylan medlock from lawrence rode out and met me around the halfway point to choad me back to lawrence. he rides a very nice, full carbon specialized tarmac, and I was on my fuji SS (42-16) commuter, with the rack and saddlebags loaded with 2 days worth of clothes/tools/loafers/bike lock/extra water/etc for myn stay here in ltown.

i am planning on doing a 110 mile ride with dylan in the next couple weeks or so. route is from lawrence up through leavenworth, parkville, riverside, kck, linwood and back to lawrence. I'm trying to figure out the gearing I want to use, although I'm thinking maybe the 42-16 will probably be the prime gearing for 110 miles. The pace won't be that brutal, like it was today. There were times today that Dylan and I both agreed I had to be spinning at least 2x the rpm that he was in his big ring. Literally, I hadn't spun like that for around 10-15 miles, ever. We hammered the section from Spoon Creek road, down 143rd past the couty line to 22oo rd north into Eudora. I told him I needed my aero bars on if I was gonna do that shit again :)

i really need to figure out how i'm gonna get out these last 42...

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