Monday, November 30, 2009

double secret probation!




Hope you all had a fabulous holiday and got fat and happy. I wanted to touch base with you all regarding something that has been tossed around for the past several months….. a MTB Short Track Training Series. This conversation really started brewing during the KCCUP prep and the more we looked at the future of Swope, we felt we could have the perfect course and venue to try and get this off the ground. Couple that with the RESURGENCE of MTB XC racing and you have the perfect mix.

Before we jump into Short Track…I wanted to bring you all up to speed on XC racing. HSP along with a core group of promoters from STL have been working tirelessly behind the scenes the past 5 weeks to pull together a brand new ground up XC race series that will encompass both MO and KS venues. The new race organization is called: United Federation of Dirt. The UFD will consist of apx. 20 XC races between an Eastern and Western League and 4+ endurance races, with more races potentially added to the mix in the coming weeks. In addition, the XC series will be USAC sanctioned.

That said….Roadies have the Tuesday Night Crit and the Wed Nite Hill ride….Dirt lovin freaks like us NEED the Thursday Nite Throwdown. As leaders of your respective teams we asking you/your team to considering joining up and leading this community effort. This should be a team lead training series with the main focus of growing the sport.

We have a fantastic partner in KCMO Parks and Rec and they are open and receptive to making this happening. Swope is already confirmed as a venue with Tiffany Springs as another venue…to offer a variety of locales. HSP and ERTA are offering to partner to make this happen with trail building and course layout expertise. HSP and ERTA will not operate the training series.

PLEASE think this over and talk with your respective teams. We are asking that you respond by next Monday, Dec 7th on whether you/your team will commit to making this a reality. Once we have enough support, we’ll plan a meeting in January to iron the details. With over 30 MTB races in the MO/KS/NE region planned for 2010, now is the time to get your dirt ON.

Thursday Nite Throwdown [TNT]

What: Weekly Short Track Training Series

When: Memorial day to Labor Day.

Location(s): Swope, Tiffany Springs, other?

Organized by: Cycle City, Boulevard/KCOI, Ethos Racing, SKC Racing, Colavita, Slimen und Grossen, 360 Racing…and others?

Alliances: HSP, ERTA and United Federation of Dirt [UFD]

USAC sanctioned.

similar event:

Thanks for the support.


good last week.

well, ended up doing clinton again with mason on friday instead of the river trails, then didn't ride all weekend. got in some quality family time with the brother/girlfriend and my nephew.

last 2 weeks of the semester are on tap. that means about 30 pages of writing and exams out the waz for the next 2 weeks. oh joy.

get out and enjoy the weather, cold at night, beautiful during the day.

last week looked like this: monday-burp w/ steele, tuesday-swope & mccoys w/ mason, wednesday-landahl & river trails w/ mason, thursday-thanksgiving day ride at clinton lake w/ great turnout then good dinner with the "fam" in ltown, friday-more clinton w/ mason.

now that's a damn good week :)

peace and dirt!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

fall break

busy fun week of riding so far, let's see....

last saturday, ben mccall, elizabeth and I went out to WYCO to work on the new trail system out there....all I got to say is man! another awesome trail system (to be 30+ miles one day) right here in our region. KC could really become the mountain bike capital, without the mountains!

monday, steele came up and we put on my new reba race 29r fork and headed out to BuRP for some goodness. serengeti-wagon-oxbow-highline-river trail/little moab-north river trail-phase 1 of the connector-river trail-bohaca-basement-oxbow back in the darkness. damn good ride, and really different riding with squish up front :)

tuesday, mason came up that evening and we went out and did a night lap at swope...he made the mistake of absolutely dropping the hammer when we got there and we had to stop about midway through phase 2 because he was spinning pretty good. the first mile of swope has just a little more climbing than the first mile anywhere, lol, and will get that heartrate spiked real quick like. one lap was good and we headed to mccoys...mmmmmm

wednesday, mason and i woke up and headed out to the mecca of landahl. did the tasty drop in to wills-wills/swedish-family/offshoots, scotty's gun barrel, 11 then 10, scotty's back up, and continued on family back up to the doubletrack where we headed for the car and some quiznos. stopped back in midtown so I could grab my crap then headed home to lawrence where he and I did a lap of the river trail before going on home.

thursday, woke up still drunk on kansas made vodka (honor and most wanted) for the thanksgiving day ride at clinton lake. caught a ride out with steele and met the group of around 20ish people. we eventaully broke off with 3 other fellas and kept a pretty good pace going through mostly white trail-then red trail (where I got a deadly thorn!) I told them to go ahead and I'd catch up. got the tube changed out (really need to get the rear set up tubeless again) and hopped back up to the blue trail. here I started ripping hard trying to catch back up. finally, at the swimming beach, I saw the train of 4 riders across the lake, so I put it down again and caught them right as they were exiting the blue to go play at the skills park. we messed around there for a few minutes then took white back to the swim beach, then road back to the last (first) mile of white trail, where we hopped back on and made it back to the car. another damn good, long ride with my boy steele.

right now I'm up way too early, but I'm planning on some river trail laps sometime today. tomorrow, elizabeth and I are going to maple hill to see my brother and nephew. I am quite sure that him and I are going to meet mason sometime to ride the governors mansion trails saturday afternoon. sunday, I'll be back in school hell.

I'm ready for winter break and those 4 weeks of riding/trail building good times.

peace and dirt!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

hello winter.

hmmmm, this past weekend was pretty packed in with stuff, for the most part. friday worked 8-1 at the prechool, had class then worked again from 5-midnight doing surveys at the movies with Elizabeth..not the most fun thing in the world but I'm gonna love that paycheck.

saturday woke up early and hit swope and did some exploring with kcappraiser around some hiking trails and the new phase 3. also did two laps there. in the afternoon mason came down and we went out to burp and hit serengeti and wagon then were joined by sean and andre once again, where we took oxbow up to bohaca, then ran the connecter down to the road crossing where we hit the river trail/little moab and ended up crossing the culvert and doing the whole northern end of the river section. turned around and crossed the river to the west side and the ridge trail, then rode mostly all the double track until we found the pimpest tree house ever. then the sneaky road back the the Trap. ahd to work 5-midnight again.

sunday the cold and rain came, which was ok because I was dead tired and had to work again from 2-7.

now monday is colder and wetter. Time to get the winter gloves, my hands have been freezing all day on the jaunts around town.

cross on thursday in hyde park should be interesting :)

peace and dirt!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

weekend's over :(

friday night mason came in for the weekend again, to set up another riding filled good time. we went out on a little urban jaunt, highlighted by mason bouncing his head on some grass from a pretty good drop in hyde park, and then spinning around westport to the crossroads where he got a flat tire.

interlude: I made my full suspension mtb a single speed! goddamn it's so much better :) don't get very far, very fast though on a 26" dually geared 32-20 :) spin like crazy pretty much.

so anyway, he grabs the max bus from downtown back to armour where I meet him exactly as he's getting dropped off (take that max bus!) climbing the hill on main from crown center to linwood on the aforementioned 32-20 double boinger sucks ass too. like riding a pogo stick up the hill.

saturday morning we wake up early and hit swope fro some phase 3 trail work. one phrase pretty much sums up phase three: fucking sick nasty fastness. complete contrast to phase 1/2 across the road. very long and wide straights, minimal turns, rocks, roots and gnar, pretty much the fucking sick nasty fastness.

saturday afternoon we loaded up for BuRP and met Sean and Andre out there for some good times. down wagon, back up serengeti, oxbow to east side, basement, across the road to river trails/little moab, back up to bohaca from the culvert, all of highline down to the south, bohaca back north to basement, basement back south to the road...where I had to go get mason's car cause he was out of tubes/patches, as was I. damn good time on absolutely perfect trails.

sunday morning we woke up and elizabeth went out with us to landahl. this time we took off straight down tasty goodness, down all of it :) elizabeth was getting a little frusterated by all the technical stuff, but suprisingly rode damn near everything! i'm so proud of her. she's starting to use/trust the suspension and tires really, really well. she was digging the single speed set-up as well, since that meant not having to worry about those crappy shifters. so anyway, we hit tasty down, through camp, up to the boulevard and back out again, up to family trail, at the double track, elizabeth headed back to the car and mason and i finished up on daves and rimjob. god its awesome.

very awesome trails all around KC, get out and ride them!

peace and dirt!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


got out to swope last night with ben mccall for two laps. very good, but had a dicksicle by the time we were done. Glad to have a nice heater in ben's car for the ride home. Very dark and creepy out there. saw a couple deer and a racoon, very nice.

get your ass out there this saturday morning and let's get 2.75 more miles built to rip. do it.

cross tonight in hyde park, be there if you want to improve your health and overall wellness of life.

peace and dirt.

Monday, November 2, 2009

damn, landahl is fun :)

Weekend recap--Friday went out to Lawrence with my lady to stay with the "family" for a little bit. Got some good food in me and some laundry done, which was very nice. Also chilled with my boys Steele and Andrew from sunflower and drank a 6 pack of goose island oatmeal stout. Good times to say the least. God it was nice to be home for a little bit....until the ex-gf showed up saturday afternoon and the awkwardness hit the house, yea pretty much enough said on that one, hahaha.

Saturday, Elizabeth and I came home from Lawrence and took a nap before going out to her friends' party up in Liberty. I had been jostling for us to do the halloween ride scheduled up in smithville, but alas, compromise is what relationships are about. Unfortunately, we rolled into the party at 11 and there were two cops pulling up as well. After a short jaunt to the gas station and drive around liberty, we went back to the party, only to leave ten minutes later....21 year old high school party at its finest and neither one of were feeling it.

Sunday I went out to the blue river corrider and met a few fellas to do some benching and crib wall action. We built up this huge crib wall and got quite a bit of the enterance benched back finally. damn that stuff is gonna be nasty when its done. the afternoon was spent at Landahl with Elizabeth, Steele, and another Andrew ripping around the awesomeness that is landahl. she did suprisingly well on all the techy stuff and is a lot more responsive to the bike (she noticed the shifting issues/bent derailluer and that her shock still had my air pressure in it = way too bouncy for her) We lost andrew on family to scotty's for about 2 hours, but all was good (he took a wrong turn). we had a great time ripping and finished off absolutely tearing up will's. I think all in all I rode: the first doubletrack down to will's then back to the lot with Elizabeth to meet the guys, then DT out to dave's to family and off shoots and back around to dave's (this is where we lost anndrew) I eventually flew back on family all the way back to the DT and dave's again to try and find andrew, but no sign. So all three of us rode DT back to the car to see if he was there and to grab steele's phone. still nothing, so DT back to dave's, finally he called back and said he was on scotty's so we waited for him and had a little session in the woods. Elizabeth by this time was pretty tired so she dt'd back to the car, while us fellas ripped dave's, swedish and will's back to the car. I left steele and andrew around 4:45 cause we had to go eat dinner with her family. all in all a damn fun time with some good people. and TONS of cars in the parking lot throughout the afternoon.

don't forget! Thursday night show-and-go cross races in Hyde park! be there or be square.

peace and dirt!!!!!