Friday, November 27, 2009

fall break

busy fun week of riding so far, let's see....

last saturday, ben mccall, elizabeth and I went out to WYCO to work on the new trail system out there....all I got to say is man! another awesome trail system (to be 30+ miles one day) right here in our region. KC could really become the mountain bike capital, without the mountains!

monday, steele came up and we put on my new reba race 29r fork and headed out to BuRP for some goodness. serengeti-wagon-oxbow-highline-river trail/little moab-north river trail-phase 1 of the connector-river trail-bohaca-basement-oxbow back in the darkness. damn good ride, and really different riding with squish up front :)

tuesday, mason came up that evening and we went out and did a night lap at swope...he made the mistake of absolutely dropping the hammer when we got there and we had to stop about midway through phase 2 because he was spinning pretty good. the first mile of swope has just a little more climbing than the first mile anywhere, lol, and will get that heartrate spiked real quick like. one lap was good and we headed to mccoys...mmmmmm

wednesday, mason and i woke up and headed out to the mecca of landahl. did the tasty drop in to wills-wills/swedish-family/offshoots, scotty's gun barrel, 11 then 10, scotty's back up, and continued on family back up to the doubletrack where we headed for the car and some quiznos. stopped back in midtown so I could grab my crap then headed home to lawrence where he and I did a lap of the river trail before going on home.

thursday, woke up still drunk on kansas made vodka (honor and most wanted) for the thanksgiving day ride at clinton lake. caught a ride out with steele and met the group of around 20ish people. we eventaully broke off with 3 other fellas and kept a pretty good pace going through mostly white trail-then red trail (where I got a deadly thorn!) I told them to go ahead and I'd catch up. got the tube changed out (really need to get the rear set up tubeless again) and hopped back up to the blue trail. here I started ripping hard trying to catch back up. finally, at the swimming beach, I saw the train of 4 riders across the lake, so I put it down again and caught them right as they were exiting the blue to go play at the skills park. we messed around there for a few minutes then took white back to the swim beach, then road back to the last (first) mile of white trail, where we hopped back on and made it back to the car. another damn good, long ride with my boy steele.

right now I'm up way too early, but I'm planning on some river trail laps sometime today. tomorrow, elizabeth and I are going to maple hill to see my brother and nephew. I am quite sure that him and I are going to meet mason sometime to ride the governors mansion trails saturday afternoon. sunday, I'll be back in school hell.

I'm ready for winter break and those 4 weeks of riding/trail building good times.

peace and dirt!!!

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