Monday, November 30, 2009

double secret probation!




Hope you all had a fabulous holiday and got fat and happy. I wanted to touch base with you all regarding something that has been tossed around for the past several months….. a MTB Short Track Training Series. This conversation really started brewing during the KCCUP prep and the more we looked at the future of Swope, we felt we could have the perfect course and venue to try and get this off the ground. Couple that with the RESURGENCE of MTB XC racing and you have the perfect mix.

Before we jump into Short Track…I wanted to bring you all up to speed on XC racing. HSP along with a core group of promoters from STL have been working tirelessly behind the scenes the past 5 weeks to pull together a brand new ground up XC race series that will encompass both MO and KS venues. The new race organization is called: United Federation of Dirt. The UFD will consist of apx. 20 XC races between an Eastern and Western League and 4+ endurance races, with more races potentially added to the mix in the coming weeks. In addition, the XC series will be USAC sanctioned.

That said….Roadies have the Tuesday Night Crit and the Wed Nite Hill ride….Dirt lovin freaks like us NEED the Thursday Nite Throwdown. As leaders of your respective teams we asking you/your team to considering joining up and leading this community effort. This should be a team lead training series with the main focus of growing the sport.

We have a fantastic partner in KCMO Parks and Rec and they are open and receptive to making this happening. Swope is already confirmed as a venue with Tiffany Springs as another venue…to offer a variety of locales. HSP and ERTA are offering to partner to make this happen with trail building and course layout expertise. HSP and ERTA will not operate the training series.

PLEASE think this over and talk with your respective teams. We are asking that you respond by next Monday, Dec 7th on whether you/your team will commit to making this a reality. Once we have enough support, we’ll plan a meeting in January to iron the details. With over 30 MTB races in the MO/KS/NE region planned for 2010, now is the time to get your dirt ON.

Thursday Nite Throwdown [TNT]

What: Weekly Short Track Training Series

When: Memorial day to Labor Day.

Location(s): Swope, Tiffany Springs, other?

Organized by: Cycle City, Boulevard/KCOI, Ethos Racing, SKC Racing, Colavita, Slimen und Grossen, 360 Racing…and others?

Alliances: HSP, ERTA and United Federation of Dirt [UFD]

USAC sanctioned.

similar event:

Thanks for the support.


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