Monday, November 9, 2009

weekend's over :(

friday night mason came in for the weekend again, to set up another riding filled good time. we went out on a little urban jaunt, highlighted by mason bouncing his head on some grass from a pretty good drop in hyde park, and then spinning around westport to the crossroads where he got a flat tire.

interlude: I made my full suspension mtb a single speed! goddamn it's so much better :) don't get very far, very fast though on a 26" dually geared 32-20 :) spin like crazy pretty much.

so anyway, he grabs the max bus from downtown back to armour where I meet him exactly as he's getting dropped off (take that max bus!) climbing the hill on main from crown center to linwood on the aforementioned 32-20 double boinger sucks ass too. like riding a pogo stick up the hill.

saturday morning we wake up early and hit swope fro some phase 3 trail work. one phrase pretty much sums up phase three: fucking sick nasty fastness. complete contrast to phase 1/2 across the road. very long and wide straights, minimal turns, rocks, roots and gnar, pretty much the fucking sick nasty fastness.

saturday afternoon we loaded up for BuRP and met Sean and Andre out there for some good times. down wagon, back up serengeti, oxbow to east side, basement, across the road to river trails/little moab, back up to bohaca from the culvert, all of highline down to the south, bohaca back north to basement, basement back south to the road...where I had to go get mason's car cause he was out of tubes/patches, as was I. damn good time on absolutely perfect trails.

sunday morning we woke up and elizabeth went out with us to landahl. this time we took off straight down tasty goodness, down all of it :) elizabeth was getting a little frusterated by all the technical stuff, but suprisingly rode damn near everything! i'm so proud of her. she's starting to use/trust the suspension and tires really, really well. she was digging the single speed set-up as well, since that meant not having to worry about those crappy shifters. so anyway, we hit tasty down, through camp, up to the boulevard and back out again, up to family trail, at the double track, elizabeth headed back to the car and mason and i finished up on daves and rimjob. god its awesome.

very awesome trails all around KC, get out and ride them!

peace and dirt!!!

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