Sunday, September 25, 2011

manion's day 2

today was better. a lot better than yesterday for sure.

SS race started really really well actually. Got into 4th right off the bat and held that for about 2 laps until 2 peeps rolled past while I was gassing out. Laps 3 and 4 were settling in and just riding smart keeping 6th secured. I actually was right on Kent, Britton and Mark's wheel and we opened a teeny gap for the first 1/2 lap, then they ditched me in the Mr. Stitches zig-zags. Dudes climb way better than I do. I hadn't warmed up at all for this race and I regretted it a little cause I was actually doing ok for the first part. Of course, this course suits me probably the most out of anyone who races CX. Very technical and MTB-like. Damn near a short track race (pretty much was without fat tires, which probably would have been better a lot of times). Anyway finished 6th, ok but should probably really be in 4th behind Britton, Kent, and Mark. They're just flat out faster than I am.

CAT 3/4 race started eh cause I was 3rd row back and had just raced the SS. Still managed to squeeze into the top-10 and ride the train for the first 1/2 lap until we hit Mr. Stitches and everyone started breaking up. Still was in the top-10 for 3 laps until my derailer started chunking everywhere, not pretty sounds or shifts so I walked a while, got lapped by the leaders eventually, grabbed the SS out of the pit and finished my last lap for dead last other than those that pulled out. But I finished and probably would have been top-15ish at the end. I know a couple dudes behind me would have caught my ass blowing up the last 2 laps had I ridden them. Oh well, still a great workout. Definitely think I can start hanging towards the front-ish of the packs if I can keep the intensity up for 30-40 minutes instead of 10-15.

Running starts tomorrow. Gonna wake up and do it at 7:30 every morning before classes, maybe. At least for a few days. Tuesday Night Universes. Wednesday night/Thursday night will probably be MTB this week. Saturday/Sunday is Boss Cross 1 & 2 baby. Probably SS only these races too, unless I can figure out how to get two bikes up there.

peace and riding!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

first cross races...

out of shape, lungs were on fire after about 2 minutes of both races I did (SS and 3/4). shoulder/chest/back is definitely not 100% healed up yet. SS I started ok, not great by any means. I slowly faded through the first 1.5 laps until I could recover a bit coming out of the spiral of death and hitting pavement/flat grass for a few seconds. Then full throttled the corners leading over to the zig-zags, and of course ended up eating shit hard on an off camber turn on a front tire wash. Twisted the shit out of my bars then rode the last 1/2ish lap with my bars at about a 45* angle to the left. Pulled out after 2 laps (of the 4 lap race) to take aleve and do the 3/4 race in 30 minutes.

3/4 race started really really well. I hit in 4th going through the twisty shit and up through the barriers. Few guys passed me on the back grass straight away cause my mtb 34-11 gearing wasn't big enough to go as fast as fully geared CX boys. Then settled in around 7-8ish through the next few laps until I pulled myself again cause my back/shoulder were toast. Probably a dumb move even trying to race again, but it made me realize I can halfway hang with the top-10ish 3 dudes when I have gears.

Right now I'm good for about 10-15 minutes of CX-type intensity. Not good when races are 30-45 minutes. I think I really am going to try and start running every morning for 30-45 minutes to try and simulate the cardio that cross needs, then hit CX practices hard on Tuesday/Wednesday nights. Have fun long MTB rides in between to keep the endurance and tech skills up. I think running will do a lot though to help.

I've already kind of put myself all in for jingle cross preparation, at least for the next 7ish weeks. I am really not worried about Berryman honestly. Kind of weird...I can go out an pop off 60-75 miles no problem riding at my own pace during endurance events, but get popped in 10 minutes during CX races. Probably something to that...and that's why Todd Wells is ultra badass haha.

peace and riding!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

fall racing...

These are races I am fully committed too this fall. I trimmed the schedule a lot to try and hit well for all of these races; i'll especially be trying to build up for Jingle Cross and MO State. Depending on how those go, I may hit chicago on new years and madison for nationals a week later. know enough people in that area that I could probably find a few places to crash.

*September 24 Manion’s Cross
*September 25 Manion’s Cross
*October 1 Boss Cross #1
*October 2 Boss Cross #2
*October 22 Berryman Epic
*October 30 Boss Cross #3
*November 5 360 Cup
*November 6 Boulevard Cup
*November 19 DeStad Cup
*November 20 DeStad Cup
*November 25 Jingle Cross Rock (spectating Friday)
*November 26 Jingle Cross Rock
*November 27 Jingle Cross Rock
*December 3 Boss Cross #4
*December 4 Missouri State Cyclocross Championships
*December 17 Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder

may hit a few more, may hit one or two less of these...hope to see you there!

peace and riding!

looking ahead

well, i might actually start to really trai for once in my life for a couple of upcoming events I have already committed myself too, haha. Berryman Epic is a month away and I'm feeling about 75/25 confidence for that one. 60ish miles with 48 or so on single track with LOTS of climbing (about 125+foot/mile on the single track, about 100 foot/mile overall). Did well last year, 7th in the age group. Looking to crack that top-10 again, hopefully top-5 if everything goes smoothly.

I also registered for Jingle Cross Rock. Maybe you've heard of it. 3 races in 2 days for me (SS Saturday, SS x2 Sunday). Damn good deal too..pre reg on for those 3 races were a cool $72. Berryman alone was $69 after fees. Of course, I'll ride twice as far at berryman in a day than I will race at jingle. I'm more going for the party and to block for teammates :) Really though, with the cx scene we have here coming up, it'll be easy to hit race situation training 4x a week (Tuesday night Universes, Swayze, Sat/Sun races). Throw in recovery Monday, and MTB on most Wednesday (Pirate) and all Thursday (Swope) nights, Friday total rest. I think I'm gonna try to start running 2-4 miles every morning too before school to get the metabolism burning hard. I've been shedding more weight slowly since the big summer drop, mainly due to diet changes. Less alcohol needs to be the next step and I think I can get 10 more lbs off my gut pretty easily by jingle cross. That would be badass and I'm probably just wishful thinking, especially since cold weather/short days is about to hit and depression will set in. Ahhhh, nature.

anyone want to race ft. collins and/or louisville?

Peace and riding!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

season of change...

check this out:

been riding a lot at swope and the on the "river route" road ride on the fixie. kind of alternating between super intense short (hour or so) training for CX and long 4-7 hour sustained efforts still for RIM, Burning at the Bluff and Berryman Epic. I've decided to do RIM as a training race for 12 hours. This years focus is Berryman and getting top 5 in the under-29 category. As long as I have my rear wheel issues solved by then I should be golden hopefully.

Speaking of my rear wheel issues...BK and I tried to use some lighter gauge (and lighter weight) spokes for my rear wheel build. Well, unfortunately I ride like a maniac and destroy shit at a higher rate than the normal user. Those that saw my rear wheel at Swope know what I'm talking about. After a re-build and a few truings/tension fixes it still keeps going out every time I try to shred trail. The light gauge spokes are just too flimsy for my fat ass monster trucking through gnar. Hopefully the new heavier gauge spokes we're putting on this week will solve the problems. I think it will.

swope has been primo. Had a nice little spill on jaw breaker on labor day monday and separated my shoulder. that sucked and still kind of hurts but isn't killing my riding too badly. hit the trails a couple times and definitely notice the pain in the shoulder, collarbone, and neck area. Lots of aleve has been helping a little. hit minor park a couple weeks ago too...shit is in great shape right now, do it.

love the cooler weather but not looking forward to the freezing cold to come soon. looking forward to CX but gonna miss mtb.

pretty sure i'm in for grad school for this january at umkc. should be ok as long as i figure out how to pay for it.

peace and riding!!!