Sunday, September 25, 2011

manion's day 2

today was better. a lot better than yesterday for sure.

SS race started really really well actually. Got into 4th right off the bat and held that for about 2 laps until 2 peeps rolled past while I was gassing out. Laps 3 and 4 were settling in and just riding smart keeping 6th secured. I actually was right on Kent, Britton and Mark's wheel and we opened a teeny gap for the first 1/2 lap, then they ditched me in the Mr. Stitches zig-zags. Dudes climb way better than I do. I hadn't warmed up at all for this race and I regretted it a little cause I was actually doing ok for the first part. Of course, this course suits me probably the most out of anyone who races CX. Very technical and MTB-like. Damn near a short track race (pretty much was without fat tires, which probably would have been better a lot of times). Anyway finished 6th, ok but should probably really be in 4th behind Britton, Kent, and Mark. They're just flat out faster than I am.

CAT 3/4 race started eh cause I was 3rd row back and had just raced the SS. Still managed to squeeze into the top-10 and ride the train for the first 1/2 lap until we hit Mr. Stitches and everyone started breaking up. Still was in the top-10 for 3 laps until my derailer started chunking everywhere, not pretty sounds or shifts so I walked a while, got lapped by the leaders eventually, grabbed the SS out of the pit and finished my last lap for dead last other than those that pulled out. But I finished and probably would have been top-15ish at the end. I know a couple dudes behind me would have caught my ass blowing up the last 2 laps had I ridden them. Oh well, still a great workout. Definitely think I can start hanging towards the front-ish of the packs if I can keep the intensity up for 30-40 minutes instead of 10-15.

Running starts tomorrow. Gonna wake up and do it at 7:30 every morning before classes, maybe. At least for a few days. Tuesday Night Universes. Wednesday night/Thursday night will probably be MTB this week. Saturday/Sunday is Boss Cross 1 & 2 baby. Probably SS only these races too, unless I can figure out how to get two bikes up there.

peace and riding!!!

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