Monday, September 12, 2011

season of change...

check this out:

been riding a lot at swope and the on the "river route" road ride on the fixie. kind of alternating between super intense short (hour or so) training for CX and long 4-7 hour sustained efforts still for RIM, Burning at the Bluff and Berryman Epic. I've decided to do RIM as a training race for 12 hours. This years focus is Berryman and getting top 5 in the under-29 category. As long as I have my rear wheel issues solved by then I should be golden hopefully.

Speaking of my rear wheel issues...BK and I tried to use some lighter gauge (and lighter weight) spokes for my rear wheel build. Well, unfortunately I ride like a maniac and destroy shit at a higher rate than the normal user. Those that saw my rear wheel at Swope know what I'm talking about. After a re-build and a few truings/tension fixes it still keeps going out every time I try to shred trail. The light gauge spokes are just too flimsy for my fat ass monster trucking through gnar. Hopefully the new heavier gauge spokes we're putting on this week will solve the problems. I think it will.

swope has been primo. Had a nice little spill on jaw breaker on labor day monday and separated my shoulder. that sucked and still kind of hurts but isn't killing my riding too badly. hit the trails a couple times and definitely notice the pain in the shoulder, collarbone, and neck area. Lots of aleve has been helping a little. hit minor park a couple weeks ago too...shit is in great shape right now, do it.

love the cooler weather but not looking forward to the freezing cold to come soon. looking forward to CX but gonna miss mtb.

pretty sure i'm in for grad school for this january at umkc. should be ok as long as i figure out how to pay for it.

peace and riding!!!

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