Monday, September 19, 2011

fall racing...

These are races I am fully committed too this fall. I trimmed the schedule a lot to try and hit well for all of these races; i'll especially be trying to build up for Jingle Cross and MO State. Depending on how those go, I may hit chicago on new years and madison for nationals a week later. know enough people in that area that I could probably find a few places to crash.

*September 24 Manion’s Cross
*September 25 Manion’s Cross
*October 1 Boss Cross #1
*October 2 Boss Cross #2
*October 22 Berryman Epic
*October 30 Boss Cross #3
*November 5 360 Cup
*November 6 Boulevard Cup
*November 19 DeStad Cup
*November 20 DeStad Cup
*November 25 Jingle Cross Rock (spectating Friday)
*November 26 Jingle Cross Rock
*November 27 Jingle Cross Rock
*December 3 Boss Cross #4
*December 4 Missouri State Cyclocross Championships
*December 17 Halcyon Holiday Gravel Grinder

may hit a few more, may hit one or two less of these...hope to see you there!

peace and riding!

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