Saturday, September 24, 2011

first cross races...

out of shape, lungs were on fire after about 2 minutes of both races I did (SS and 3/4). shoulder/chest/back is definitely not 100% healed up yet. SS I started ok, not great by any means. I slowly faded through the first 1.5 laps until I could recover a bit coming out of the spiral of death and hitting pavement/flat grass for a few seconds. Then full throttled the corners leading over to the zig-zags, and of course ended up eating shit hard on an off camber turn on a front tire wash. Twisted the shit out of my bars then rode the last 1/2ish lap with my bars at about a 45* angle to the left. Pulled out after 2 laps (of the 4 lap race) to take aleve and do the 3/4 race in 30 minutes.

3/4 race started really really well. I hit in 4th going through the twisty shit and up through the barriers. Few guys passed me on the back grass straight away cause my mtb 34-11 gearing wasn't big enough to go as fast as fully geared CX boys. Then settled in around 7-8ish through the next few laps until I pulled myself again cause my back/shoulder were toast. Probably a dumb move even trying to race again, but it made me realize I can halfway hang with the top-10ish 3 dudes when I have gears.

Right now I'm good for about 10-15 minutes of CX-type intensity. Not good when races are 30-45 minutes. I think I really am going to try and start running every morning for 30-45 minutes to try and simulate the cardio that cross needs, then hit CX practices hard on Tuesday/Wednesday nights. Have fun long MTB rides in between to keep the endurance and tech skills up. I think running will do a lot though to help.

I've already kind of put myself all in for jingle cross preparation, at least for the next 7ish weeks. I am really not worried about Berryman honestly. Kind of weird...I can go out an pop off 60-75 miles no problem riding at my own pace during endurance events, but get popped in 10 minutes during CX races. Probably something to that...and that's why Todd Wells is ultra badass haha.

peace and riding!!!

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