Saturday, February 27, 2010

Training routes

Bored after a good 5 k run this morning so I figured I'd hook you all up on some routes I do. Legs and lungs felt suprisingly good this morning and feel good now too. street cred in 3 hours :)

My home to Swope MTB Trails, Via Trolly Track Limestone Trail

Saturday Team Training Run

Thursday, February 25, 2010

training time.

still waiting on elizabeth to find her cord so I can upload the new pictures of my bikes, they look sweet and ride better :)

rode monday with britton and steve v. on our single speed mountain bikes for about 45 minutes. Had a good stop and chat with SC (adam k) and a little warm-up before going to mccoys downing 2 pitchers of oatmeal stout, killing a roadhouse and then riding home. ended up going to gambling for the first time in my life after mccoys and won $14 at harrah's. hells yea.

i have really been itching to ride, until I step outside. this winter has sucked balls. not to mention that trail work at swope and elsewhere has been non-existant and not possible. crappy winter for both building and riding.

new 29r and road bike are dialed in after a pro fitting session last friday night with my boy steele. by the way--look for steele to be tearing some shit up once the MTB races begin. I think he's gonna come out of no where and suprise a lot of people. he's been training his ass off and is probably chomping to tear dirt up like the rest of us. plus, the river trail gets his attention 80% of his riding time probably, so I expect him to do quite well the first race march 28. details are up in a few spots, $25 and you need a license. i'll be doing the marathon men class on my SS.

gonna start having team runs at 8 am before our 9 am team ride. come join if you want. 5 kilometer run, 30-60 mile bike. good duathlon training. starts/ends at volker bike shop.

peace and riding!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

new bikes...

check out the BIKES I RIDE on the right side, few changes :)

Pictures coming soon...

peace and riding!

Monday, February 15, 2010


looks like lots of stuff is already not gonna go down. money is extremely tight right now without a roommate. (by the way---need a place to live?) can't afford a usac licence right now, or the first road series, much less the new mtb frame I am picking up from mr. burns this week. gonna have some stuff for sale, bike and music gear, stay tuned.

the cold weather has broken my soul finally. i am totally sick of this shit. i want to mountain bike on a 29r. i am sick of road riding or urban riding on the double boinger.

good things!!!

i am getting fitted on my road bike and new 29r this weekend by my boy steele, freshly returned from specialized fitting and mechanic school. hopefully this cures the lower back problem....although I am quite sure commuting with 25+ lbs of books/laptop/clothes in a pack every day doesn't help the back.

thursday night short track = dirty thusdays! coming along very nicely.

team MTB trips coming up soon...good times to be had.

and i'm typing this in GIS lecture right now, most boring class ever.

peace and riding!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

big things to come...

<--Updated Swope Map, GPS tracked :)

Had a good meeting with some fine MTB folk Monday evening at waldo's what transpired:

First of all, the United Federation of Dirt race bible is done and should be up on their website within the next 2 weeks. I can tell you that every UFD race will be USAC sanctioned and require an annual or one day licence. At every XC race: There will be CAT 1,2,3 with full age groups for men and women, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+. Single Speeds will be included with CAT 2. Junior class boys/girls 15-18, and coed kids classes, under 10 and 10-14. There will also be a 3 hour Open marathon class (both mens/womens) at every UFD XC race. Costs will be between 20-35 dollars per race, depending on what class you enter and if you have to buy a one-day licence.

Second, I have an updated trail map of swope, showing the GPS layouts of phases one through six. currently you can only ride on phases one and two. phase three is nearing completion, and phase 4-6 work will begin in the spring. Total miles of trail in Swope after these phases are complete will be approximately 12 miles. (look above!)

Third, construction of an all-weather short track course of approximately 2 miles will commence immediately, to be completed by Memorial Day. The course will be beginner/intermediate double and single track and be used for short track and cyclocross races. It will be constructed in a way so that it will be rideable in ANY weather condition.

Lastly, this year will mark the beginning of a thursday night summer short track series (think dirt crits). There will be 13 races, every thursday from memorial-labor days. costs will be $10/race or $50 for the series, A and B races. The short track series will also be USAC sanctioned.

This is gonna be a great year for mountain biking in kansas city!

Sooooooo, some sick shit is gonna be going down this year. Hopefully I can get some sponsors and get to these races.

peace and riding!

Monday, February 8, 2010


seems like I only get in good, real rides every sunday at 1 from volker. past three sundays have been 60 miles, 35 miles, 40 miles. other than that, its just been the miles around town commuting, which I guess is better than nothing. did my first ever pace line yesterday with aubree, jason and britton. goddamn that shit is efficient but will wear a dude out. I am slowly trying to learn too that I need to focus on spinning more and getting aerobically fit than grinding in my 50-11 or other stout gear. weirdly, my knees were kind of sore this morning but 4 cups of coffee and 4 ibuprofin later and they were a lot better...probably because I passed out on the floor last night after watching off road to athens.

The next couple weeks I am going to try and focus in on getting aerobically fit for the upcoming spring races. looks like I'll be running a lot more and picking up the intensity on the bike. I'd like to make some decent showings at the perry dam series. The cat 5 field is limited to 50 riders and I'd like to be top 15 for all of them. Actually what I am really stoked about is that there will be a good group of my teammates with me, and I hope we can work well together to get someone from Colavita the win and everyone with good final results. I don't think we should have any problem working 4-5 people to get one of us a win.

short track, thursday night throwdown meeting tonight. I'll pass along details that I get there.

peace and riding!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

oh yea!

Got 3rd this past weekend at the Urban Cross race in the Street Cred series, on the single speed! fuck yea bitches. I am still amazed by the fact I held onto third, losing only to Jason K and Joe A on their fully geared MTBs. Adam K helped me out to by losing his skewer on the second to last lap (he got 4th). great course by chrisgo and chasm. another race this saturday!

sunday tried to do the volker ride, made it out to parkville with the group and turned around because I was bonking hella bad. sunday I woke up not feeling so hot, didn't eat, then tried to go on a 60 mile ride. still ended up with ~35 miles, so not too bad, but I was absolutely dead. my body hadn't felt like that in awhile. woke up this morning and elizabeth said I looked sick, then I puked on my way walking to class. the good ole puke over the shoulder keep walking kind :)

I should write more, but I'm too lazy. check out my blog roll on the right side for cool stuff.

oh shit!! and

<--fucking genius!

peace and riding!!!