Thursday, February 25, 2010

training time.

still waiting on elizabeth to find her cord so I can upload the new pictures of my bikes, they look sweet and ride better :)

rode monday with britton and steve v. on our single speed mountain bikes for about 45 minutes. Had a good stop and chat with SC (adam k) and a little warm-up before going to mccoys downing 2 pitchers of oatmeal stout, killing a roadhouse and then riding home. ended up going to gambling for the first time in my life after mccoys and won $14 at harrah's. hells yea.

i have really been itching to ride, until I step outside. this winter has sucked balls. not to mention that trail work at swope and elsewhere has been non-existant and not possible. crappy winter for both building and riding.

new 29r and road bike are dialed in after a pro fitting session last friday night with my boy steele. by the way--look for steele to be tearing some shit up once the MTB races begin. I think he's gonna come out of no where and suprise a lot of people. he's been training his ass off and is probably chomping to tear dirt up like the rest of us. plus, the river trail gets his attention 80% of his riding time probably, so I expect him to do quite well the first race march 28. details are up in a few spots, $25 and you need a license. i'll be doing the marathon men class on my SS.

gonna start having team runs at 8 am before our 9 am team ride. come join if you want. 5 kilometer run, 30-60 mile bike. good duathlon training. starts/ends at volker bike shop.

peace and riding!

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