Monday, February 1, 2010

oh yea!

Got 3rd this past weekend at the Urban Cross race in the Street Cred series, on the single speed! fuck yea bitches. I am still amazed by the fact I held onto third, losing only to Jason K and Joe A on their fully geared MTBs. Adam K helped me out to by losing his skewer on the second to last lap (he got 4th). great course by chrisgo and chasm. another race this saturday!

sunday tried to do the volker ride, made it out to parkville with the group and turned around because I was bonking hella bad. sunday I woke up not feeling so hot, didn't eat, then tried to go on a 60 mile ride. still ended up with ~35 miles, so not too bad, but I was absolutely dead. my body hadn't felt like that in awhile. woke up this morning and elizabeth said I looked sick, then I puked on my way walking to class. the good ole puke over the shoulder keep walking kind :)

I should write more, but I'm too lazy. check out my blog roll on the right side for cool stuff.

oh shit!! and

<--fucking genius!

peace and riding!!!

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