Monday, February 15, 2010


looks like lots of stuff is already not gonna go down. money is extremely tight right now without a roommate. (by the way---need a place to live?) can't afford a usac licence right now, or the first road series, much less the new mtb frame I am picking up from mr. burns this week. gonna have some stuff for sale, bike and music gear, stay tuned.

the cold weather has broken my soul finally. i am totally sick of this shit. i want to mountain bike on a 29r. i am sick of road riding or urban riding on the double boinger.

good things!!!

i am getting fitted on my road bike and new 29r this weekend by my boy steele, freshly returned from specialized fitting and mechanic school. hopefully this cures the lower back problem....although I am quite sure commuting with 25+ lbs of books/laptop/clothes in a pack every day doesn't help the back.

thursday night short track = dirty thusdays! coming along very nicely.

team MTB trips coming up soon...good times to be had.

and i'm typing this in GIS lecture right now, most boring class ever.

peace and riding!

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