Monday, March 29, 2010

A Time for Dirt...

These pase few days have been nothing short of epic, at least compared to what this past winter brought.

Last Friday, I did another 3 hours of trail work at Swope, then rode 3 laps with a good group of guys, followed by some beers and bs-ing. Damn good time. Gotta give a shout out to my boy Travis Donn of the Ethos team. He was out there on his new full suspension S-Works epic absolutly shredding. He did 5 laps with times of 20, 18, 17, 20 and 19 minutes (or something very similar to those numbers). It was kind of funny cause I told Clay that those guys could pop off 17 minute laps like nothing, and he just kind of scoffed at the notion, until Travis read his lap times off his watch. Fricking insane man!

Saturday, Clay and I headed to Lawrence to ride some river trail. We were kind of depressed as we hit a couple huge pockets of rain while driving down and surely thought the trails would be unrideable. Think again! We got there and 3 guys were loading up and told us the back half (miles 3-6) was pretty sloppy but that the first 2 miles and last 2 miles were in perfect shape. We were popping off those 4 mile laps pretty damn quick. I've ridden the LRT literally probably a hundred times and have never taken corners like I was that day. Perfect tack on the dirt/sand made for tire digging goodness. It really was one of those days that you let the bike do all the work and you just spin your brains out. I'm sure I was easily rolling about 100+ RPM trying to keep Clay off my backside or trying to stay with him. Probably go with a little stiffer gearing set-up for the races there April 10/11.

Sunday I relaxed a little then headed out to Swope again in the afternoon for another 3 hours of trail work. These 3 hours brought me to 60 hours total doing trailwork for ERTA in the past 16 months!!! I spent the majority of my time there Sunday doing a massive bench cut, which was thankfully really easy once I picked out all the bigger rocks and got the crib wall built up. Gonna head out again today and will try to get some pictures :)

This week is my spring break, so I'll be riding, trail working, and repeating. Today I'll be at Swope again, tomorrow Swope again too, and Wednesday in Lawrence shredding with my boy Steele on his day off. Thursday I gotta get to my grandma's funeral in Chapman, KS, then Friday will be an easy spin before the big even on Saturday. Speaking of...
The MTB-KC 90 miler is this Saturday. Weather forecast is looking very favorable. Hopefully it will hold up and we get a good turnout. Should be a damn good time. Hope to see you there!!

peace and riding!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Final 2010 Race Schedule

No way in hell I'll do all these but it'd be sweet, eh? It's unbelievable the amount of off-road racing opportunities this year as compared to last.

April 3: MTB-KC 90 Miler

April 10: River Trail MTB
April 11: God’s Country Duathlon

April 18: BoneBender 6 hour

April 24: Black Locust Duathlon
April 25: Neosho MTB

May 1: Clinton Lake 6 hour
May 1/2: Wilson Lake Fat Tire Festival

May 8: Saint Joe MTB

May 16: Columbia MTB

May 22: MTB-KC Lawrence Legato

May 29/30: Wichita Road Races

June 5: Berryman 6/12 hour Duathlon
June 6: Warsaw MTB

June 12: MO States-Castlewood MTB
June 13: Tour de Winghaven Criterion

June 20: Emporia MTB

June 26: Warsaw 6 hour
June 27: Lake Perry MTB

July 2/3/4: Tour of Lawrence Road Races

July 11: Springfield MTB

July 17/18: Eureka Springs Fat Tire Festival

July 24: KS States-Grass Track
July 25: State Games MTB

July 31: MTB-KC SoS!

August 7: MTB-KC 12 hours of Landahl

August 14: Rapture in Misery 6/12 hour

August 22: Midwest SS Championships

August 28: Cruise the Blues

September 4: Jeff City 6 hour

September 11: Wichita Cross
September 12 Ark City MTB

September 18: KC Cup Cross
September 19: KC Cup MTB

September 25: Council Bluffs MTB
September 26: Des Moines Cross

October 2: Boss Cross 1
October 3: Boss Cross 2

October 9: Burning at the Bluff 6/12 hour
October 10: Chris Cross

October 16: Topeka Cross
October 17: Boulevard Cup

October 23: Olathe Cross
October 24: Smithville Cross

October 30: Boss Cross 3
October 31: Lawrence Cross

November 6: Joule’s Cross
November 7: Veterans Cross

November 13: Heartland Park Cross
November 14: Leavenworth Cross-KS States

November 20/21: Lincoln Cross Weekend

November 26/28: Iowa City Jingle Cross

December 4: Boss Cross 4-MO States
December 5: Topeka Cross

December 11: MTB-KC Winter Wander

December 18: MTB-KC Halcyon Holiday

December 31: Cross Off the Old Year

January 2: Epic Holiday Cross

January 9: Grote Prijs Cross

Monday, March 22, 2010


So appareantly the first UFD Western league Race this weekend is already cancelled?? WTF!!!! I mean, come on guys, its only Monday and its on the fastest drying trail system in the state of Kansas!!! At least wait and see if we even get that 50% chance of rain midweek. Seriously. I was hardcore looking forward to actually racing this weekend but now there is no race except the stupid old Lawrence Roadie Crits. not even a road race a la Perry Dam. and speaking of that, they cancelled yesterday too??? goddamn va j-j's if you ask me. strap some fenders on and be a man for your stupid 25 mile road race. good way to screw a lot of people out of their pre-paid entry fees I guess.

4 more days then spring break!!! Looking like I need to find a way down to Arkansas :)

As previously stated I went out Friday to the IMBA-Trail Care Crew land Managers Meeting. Great information regarding Land use issues, working with private property owners, and sustainable design and building. Followed that up swinging a sledge hammer and and pulaski for a few hours Friday afternoon carving out a sweet section on the new yellow-flagged trail. lots of rock was destroyed, lots of gravel made and 4 distinct lines were carved out of the fine landscape that is Swope. New stuff is getting burned in nicely too :) Now we just need some more nice days to get that last 1/2 mile or so build and get phase 3 opened up to the public!

So I did ride on Friday too. On my new On-One. On dry dirt. At Swope park. Teammate Brad and I climbed up the hill to roll some double track and check out the new stuff. Awesome fun. We then did a lap of Phase 1/2, ripping it good. Got back to the trailhead and met Clay and did another roll through of the doubletrack and new stuff, then had a safety meeting right before the rain settled in.

Couple of thoughts: I forgot how tough SS MTB is after riding a fully geared roadster the past few months. I actually hammered pretty good with Brad on his 1x9. I absolutely love technical sections and forgot how much I love them and being off-raod in general. Swope trails are fucking badass, simply put. I am proud to be able to build out there whenever I want to, thanks Trail Ninjas! it's hella cool riding with your boys and pointing out the crib walls that you personally built and the benchcutting areas you have done. riding dirt for the first time since december 18 was fucking amazing.

personal news: got a new roomie finally! and it's a girl thank god haha. For some reason, after living with 3 other guys I don't have a desire to do that anymore. Girls keep your drinking, slob-ness, and overall stupidity in check. plus I don;t have to pay double my rent anymore, so I have money to start racing. Also, going to have to take 9-12 hours this summer to graduate next year :/ plus side is I'm getting a fat check at the end of May since they denied me work-study. So summer racing season is officially a full go! Gonna try to do all these this summer:

June-Warwaw, MO States/Castlewood, Emporia, Warsaw 6 hour, Perry Lake
July-Tour of lawrence road races, OMBA Caramba, Eureka Springs Fat Tire Fest, Sunflower Games, MTB-KC SoS!
August-MTB-KC 12 hours of Landahl, RIM, Midwest SS Championships, Cruise the Blues

Also, I am for sure in the God's Country duathlon and BoneBender 6 hour race. Huge thanks to Chris Locke for allowing me to help him do some things for free entry in exchange for me keeping my cash. much appreciated brother!!

now, a GIS midterm. later, McCoys with the team followed by jagermeister at home, followed by me passing out on my couch.

peace and riding!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

dirt and awards :)

Look what I got in the mail Saturday!!

So proud :)

Got to do some sweet trail work at Swope Friday afternoon, followed by a MTB ride! on dry dirt! it was ripping fun with Brad and Clay. I am absolutely in love with the new section of swope and it's not even done. of course it snows 5" the next day :/

peace and riding!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

seattle east

It's rained almost every day the past 7 days, very depressing, especially since the snow is gone and the weather is warming up into the 50s everyday, finally. Got out on a 5-10 mile easy spin after class with the team last night for the mccoys ride. didn't ride sunday since I was recovering from partying saturday night with the lawrence town folk and Big XII Champion KU Mens Basketball team at johnny's in north lawrence :) didn't ride all weekend actually. Last ride was last Friday about 15 miles around town distributing flyers for the upcoming BoneBender and god's country events, look for me doing the 6 hour single speed class at BB and the 20-24 male class at god's country.

I don't really have much motivation to ride, do homework, really anything, but sleep. Seems like I've been sleeping 10+ hours a night but am still tired. I need some sun shine man! These dreary cloudy days are really keeping me down. I offically have my first late assignment for college as of yesterday (didn't turn in a 4 page paper) and I haven't even read the 150 pages I need to to finish it tonight and get it in tomorrow. eh.

added some more blogs of my favorite pro cyclists, local man Steve Tilford, JHK, Jeremiah Bishop, Todd Wells, Adam Craig, and a couple more. Check them out on my blog roll. Always cool to see what the pros are up to.

some good news: trail building is starting back up full swing this week! Check out the Blue-Swope connnector blog for work day details from Phil. Lots of stuff to do out there still to get phase 5 done. Need to get that corridor cleared out if theres gonna be any bench cutting done after everything starts growing like crazy. IMBA Trail Care Crew is coming to Swope this Friday and Saturday for some fun stuff! The Short Track all-weather course has been laid out and is ready for construction. Landahl guys are doing every Friday afternoon for awhile to get stuff up to par out there.

now we just need a dry spell to ride that dirt! i'm probably most depressed about that. I have not ridden my MTB on non-snow covered single track since December 18, 2009. That was a long time ago. Did ride the new INbred today to school and its feeling damn good :) Now it needs it's maiden dirty voyage.

peace and riding!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

fun times.

Weekend recap: Friday/Saturday chilled in Lawrence at the "fam's". Sunday went out to Perry lake with Clay and his fiance, watched him race the CAT 5's then we rode back to midtown with a Free State Brewery pit stop :) Good hard 75ish total miles for the day.

upcoming: IMBA Trail Crew March 19/20 at Swope Park! be there. Trail building at Swope Tuesday/Thursday mornings from now until May. be there. First ever MTB-KC 90 miler, April 3. be there. First western league UFD race, March 28 River trails. be there.

better be getting those miles in. no excuse now that it's nice out again :) now, just to get dry dirt...

peace and riding!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Best thing since sliced bread...

coming soon to a store near you! and me!!!!!!!! fuck yes :) heard from the locals today its supposed to start shipping out in the next two weeks. super excited. free state's oatmeal stout is the best beer ever.

peace and riding!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

new bike pics

can you say fuck yes warm weather??!!!!????? it's right around the corner :)

last weekend in review: friday--volker 2 year anniversary party, drank way too much PBR, ran 5k last saturday morning, but you knew that, street cred saturday afternoon was awesome, won $75 with four 5's, again got ridiculously trashed on PBR, sunday did a shade under 40 miles and got dropped big time (from drinking PBR the previous 2 days), got back to the shop by myself to find some others there, so I drank more PBR. have I ever mentioned that I love PBR? :)

monday met up with the team at mccoys....good food and beer were had like always. then went out with JK and stevie wander to chez's and gusto. shots were had, stag beer was had, blueberry vodka bombs were had. fake fighting ensued. no adam's apples or clown masks though :'( that's false advertising.

gonna start back in on swope trail work. if you are interested in helping whenever you can, let me know. i'll be doing a lof of tuesday/thursday morning stuff and weekend stuff.

have I ever mentioned on here that school sucks? besides the readings, exams and research papers? as in, the advisors and administration of most university systems is absolutely a fucking joke? for those of you who don't know, I am double majoring in environmental studies and sociology, minoring in spanish and getting my graduate certificate in advanced geographical information systems. really its not too bad, except for trying to get all my requirements done, because for some reason UMKC only offers certain classes every other year or every three years sometimes. kind of hard to get all the classes i need when they're not offered, or they overlap on times (a huge problem for me). I know it is because I am in like 4 different programs, but goddamnit, someone throw me a bone here. i wanna graduate next may, but it's looking more and more like that's not gonna happen. and the shittiest part is, i only have 6 credits to do for just my sociology degree and have to keep putting them off until I can get everything else done (once I get one bachelors the financial aid will drop off, and that is not an option). ok enough of stupid school. sorry if you haven't stopped reading this yet. i'm still typing...

so here's the new bike pics I promised, finally :)