Tuesday, March 16, 2010

seattle east

It's rained almost every day the past 7 days, very depressing, especially since the snow is gone and the weather is warming up into the 50s everyday, finally. Got out on a 5-10 mile easy spin after class with the team last night for the mccoys ride. didn't ride sunday since I was recovering from partying saturday night with the lawrence town folk and Big XII Champion KU Mens Basketball team at johnny's in north lawrence :) didn't ride all weekend actually. Last ride was last Friday about 15 miles around town distributing flyers for the upcoming BoneBender and god's country events, look for me doing the 6 hour single speed class at BB and the 20-24 male class at god's country.

I don't really have much motivation to ride, do homework, really anything, but sleep. Seems like I've been sleeping 10+ hours a night but am still tired. I need some sun shine man! These dreary cloudy days are really keeping me down. I offically have my first late assignment for college as of yesterday (didn't turn in a 4 page paper) and I haven't even read the 150 pages I need to to finish it tonight and get it in tomorrow. eh.

added some more blogs of my favorite pro cyclists, local man Steve Tilford, JHK, Jeremiah Bishop, Todd Wells, Adam Craig, and a couple more. Check them out on my blog roll. Always cool to see what the pros are up to.

some good news: trail building is starting back up full swing this week! Check out the Blue-Swope connnector blog for work day details from Phil. Lots of stuff to do out there still to get phase 5 done. Need to get that corridor cleared out if theres gonna be any bench cutting done after everything starts growing like crazy. IMBA Trail Care Crew is coming to Swope this Friday and Saturday for some fun stuff! The Short Track all-weather course has been laid out and is ready for construction. Landahl guys are doing every Friday afternoon for awhile to get stuff up to par out there.

now we just need a dry spell to ride that dirt! i'm probably most depressed about that. I have not ridden my MTB on non-snow covered single track since December 18, 2009. That was a long time ago. Did ride the new INbred today to school and its feeling damn good :) Now it needs it's maiden dirty voyage.

peace and riding!!!

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