Wednesday, March 3, 2010

new bike pics

can you say fuck yes warm weather??!!!!????? it's right around the corner :)

last weekend in review: friday--volker 2 year anniversary party, drank way too much PBR, ran 5k last saturday morning, but you knew that, street cred saturday afternoon was awesome, won $75 with four 5's, again got ridiculously trashed on PBR, sunday did a shade under 40 miles and got dropped big time (from drinking PBR the previous 2 days), got back to the shop by myself to find some others there, so I drank more PBR. have I ever mentioned that I love PBR? :)

monday met up with the team at mccoys....good food and beer were had like always. then went out with JK and stevie wander to chez's and gusto. shots were had, stag beer was had, blueberry vodka bombs were had. fake fighting ensued. no adam's apples or clown masks though :'( that's false advertising.

gonna start back in on swope trail work. if you are interested in helping whenever you can, let me know. i'll be doing a lof of tuesday/thursday morning stuff and weekend stuff.

have I ever mentioned on here that school sucks? besides the readings, exams and research papers? as in, the advisors and administration of most university systems is absolutely a fucking joke? for those of you who don't know, I am double majoring in environmental studies and sociology, minoring in spanish and getting my graduate certificate in advanced geographical information systems. really its not too bad, except for trying to get all my requirements done, because for some reason UMKC only offers certain classes every other year or every three years sometimes. kind of hard to get all the classes i need when they're not offered, or they overlap on times (a huge problem for me). I know it is because I am in like 4 different programs, but goddamnit, someone throw me a bone here. i wanna graduate next may, but it's looking more and more like that's not gonna happen. and the shittiest part is, i only have 6 credits to do for just my sociology degree and have to keep putting them off until I can get everything else done (once I get one bachelors the financial aid will drop off, and that is not an option). ok enough of stupid school. sorry if you haven't stopped reading this yet. i'm still typing...

so here's the new bike pics I promised, finally :)



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  1. You'll like this, my 3rd prize from street cred is a pbr sweat shirt... YEAH BABY!