Monday, March 29, 2010

A Time for Dirt...

These pase few days have been nothing short of epic, at least compared to what this past winter brought.

Last Friday, I did another 3 hours of trail work at Swope, then rode 3 laps with a good group of guys, followed by some beers and bs-ing. Damn good time. Gotta give a shout out to my boy Travis Donn of the Ethos team. He was out there on his new full suspension S-Works epic absolutly shredding. He did 5 laps with times of 20, 18, 17, 20 and 19 minutes (or something very similar to those numbers). It was kind of funny cause I told Clay that those guys could pop off 17 minute laps like nothing, and he just kind of scoffed at the notion, until Travis read his lap times off his watch. Fricking insane man!

Saturday, Clay and I headed to Lawrence to ride some river trail. We were kind of depressed as we hit a couple huge pockets of rain while driving down and surely thought the trails would be unrideable. Think again! We got there and 3 guys were loading up and told us the back half (miles 3-6) was pretty sloppy but that the first 2 miles and last 2 miles were in perfect shape. We were popping off those 4 mile laps pretty damn quick. I've ridden the LRT literally probably a hundred times and have never taken corners like I was that day. Perfect tack on the dirt/sand made for tire digging goodness. It really was one of those days that you let the bike do all the work and you just spin your brains out. I'm sure I was easily rolling about 100+ RPM trying to keep Clay off my backside or trying to stay with him. Probably go with a little stiffer gearing set-up for the races there April 10/11.

Sunday I relaxed a little then headed out to Swope again in the afternoon for another 3 hours of trail work. These 3 hours brought me to 60 hours total doing trailwork for ERTA in the past 16 months!!! I spent the majority of my time there Sunday doing a massive bench cut, which was thankfully really easy once I picked out all the bigger rocks and got the crib wall built up. Gonna head out again today and will try to get some pictures :)

This week is my spring break, so I'll be riding, trail working, and repeating. Today I'll be at Swope again, tomorrow Swope again too, and Wednesday in Lawrence shredding with my boy Steele on his day off. Thursday I gotta get to my grandma's funeral in Chapman, KS, then Friday will be an easy spin before the big even on Saturday. Speaking of...
The MTB-KC 90 miler is this Saturday. Weather forecast is looking very favorable. Hopefully it will hold up and we get a good turnout. Should be a damn good time. Hope to see you there!!

peace and riding!

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