Monday, March 22, 2010


So appareantly the first UFD Western league Race this weekend is already cancelled?? WTF!!!! I mean, come on guys, its only Monday and its on the fastest drying trail system in the state of Kansas!!! At least wait and see if we even get that 50% chance of rain midweek. Seriously. I was hardcore looking forward to actually racing this weekend but now there is no race except the stupid old Lawrence Roadie Crits. not even a road race a la Perry Dam. and speaking of that, they cancelled yesterday too??? goddamn va j-j's if you ask me. strap some fenders on and be a man for your stupid 25 mile road race. good way to screw a lot of people out of their pre-paid entry fees I guess.

4 more days then spring break!!! Looking like I need to find a way down to Arkansas :)

As previously stated I went out Friday to the IMBA-Trail Care Crew land Managers Meeting. Great information regarding Land use issues, working with private property owners, and sustainable design and building. Followed that up swinging a sledge hammer and and pulaski for a few hours Friday afternoon carving out a sweet section on the new yellow-flagged trail. lots of rock was destroyed, lots of gravel made and 4 distinct lines were carved out of the fine landscape that is Swope. New stuff is getting burned in nicely too :) Now we just need some more nice days to get that last 1/2 mile or so build and get phase 3 opened up to the public!

So I did ride on Friday too. On my new On-One. On dry dirt. At Swope park. Teammate Brad and I climbed up the hill to roll some double track and check out the new stuff. Awesome fun. We then did a lap of Phase 1/2, ripping it good. Got back to the trailhead and met Clay and did another roll through of the doubletrack and new stuff, then had a safety meeting right before the rain settled in.

Couple of thoughts: I forgot how tough SS MTB is after riding a fully geared roadster the past few months. I actually hammered pretty good with Brad on his 1x9. I absolutely love technical sections and forgot how much I love them and being off-raod in general. Swope trails are fucking badass, simply put. I am proud to be able to build out there whenever I want to, thanks Trail Ninjas! it's hella cool riding with your boys and pointing out the crib walls that you personally built and the benchcutting areas you have done. riding dirt for the first time since december 18 was fucking amazing.

personal news: got a new roomie finally! and it's a girl thank god haha. For some reason, after living with 3 other guys I don't have a desire to do that anymore. Girls keep your drinking, slob-ness, and overall stupidity in check. plus I don;t have to pay double my rent anymore, so I have money to start racing. Also, going to have to take 9-12 hours this summer to graduate next year :/ plus side is I'm getting a fat check at the end of May since they denied me work-study. So summer racing season is officially a full go! Gonna try to do all these this summer:

June-Warwaw, MO States/Castlewood, Emporia, Warsaw 6 hour, Perry Lake
July-Tour of lawrence road races, OMBA Caramba, Eureka Springs Fat Tire Fest, Sunflower Games, MTB-KC SoS!
August-MTB-KC 12 hours of Landahl, RIM, Midwest SS Championships, Cruise the Blues

Also, I am for sure in the God's Country duathlon and BoneBender 6 hour race. Huge thanks to Chris Locke for allowing me to help him do some things for free entry in exchange for me keeping my cash. much appreciated brother!!

now, a GIS midterm. later, McCoys with the team followed by jagermeister at home, followed by me passing out on my couch.

peace and riding!!!

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