Monday, April 5, 2010

spring break wrap-up

so spring break was good/not so good in some aspects...

first off, my grandma died. not really to big of deal, she was old and had really bad alzheimers. still pretty shitty.

and my boy, busy b, brandon price, died in an industrial accident. I'm sure none of you who actually read this blog knew brandon, so I won't waste you to boredom. i'll just say he was my boy, through and through, and he'd been through a lot of shit in his life that was entirely too short.

also on the crappy side...i've needed to get this book from the UMKC bookstore for 2 weeks now, and its been "on order". I had a paper due on it this morning at 11 am, still had no book, so skipped class since i didn't have a paper to turn in. checked the bookstore this afternoon and it's still on order. jesus fucking christ, i could have gotton it from by now. so still no book and now my second late college assignment...

so now for the fun stuff in life :) got some great kansas city mountain biking in this past week. here's how it went down:

friday march 26: 3 hours of trailwork & 3 laps at swope...saturday march 27: 20 miles at the lawrence river trail...sunday march 28: 3 hours of trail work at swope...

monday: 3 hours trail work, followed by laps at swope.

tuesday: picked mason up at jccc, we went to swope for a lap, where I blew up my rear tire. went home, got more stans and some food, then back to swope and rolled another couple laps.

wednesday: mason and i bussed from downtown KC to lawrence (3 hours, I don't recommend) where we met up with steele and did 25 miles at the river trails. fucking awesome time.

thursday was grandmas funeral. I was basically on the road from 8:45 am--8:45 pm.

friday, looming rain threatened the trails so i headed out to swope, got to the top of the hill and the rain came hard. really hard. chilled in the afternoon, then went out for a hammerfest ride on the road bike during the evening. 20.22 miles in 57 minutes.

saturday was the mtb-kc event. great time! for more!

sunday rode with the roommate and girlfriend down to cliff drive and back home into a killer south wind. good recovery.

monday meant the real world again. whats that matchbox 20 song? i wish the real world would just stop hassling me? or something gay like that...

i'm tired of typing, you're tired of reading, its nice out, go ride!

peace and riding!!!

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