Friday, April 23, 2010

new stufffffffff

not gonna post a lot right now cause I need to do school stuff but...

racing season has begun, here's some results (pics and write-up's later):

Lawrence River Trail MTB Race: Got 9th out of 19 in the Marathon class on my SS. Did 9 laps (42.3 miles) in 3 hours 15 minutes. Not too shabby.

God's Country Duathlon: Got 46 out of 104 overall. Finished at like 1:48. Running sucks ass, especially a second run after running then biking and doing a marathon MTB race the day before. I couldn't walk well on monday morning.

BoneBender: got 12th out of 21 in the 6 hour single speed class. Had to call it quits early because of the worst cramping I have ever experienced in my life. Pre-race nutrition needs to change and I'd be right up there I think. ended up with 4 laps (46 miles) in 5 hours 10 minutes. smithville isn't the most technical trail, but there are sections, and it definitely isn't as flat and smooth as the lawrence river trails. pretty early in the season for a 6 hour, especially since my training has gone to shit because of school.

ok, enough, gotta read/write some more.

peace and riding!!!

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  1. I hope you beat that girl behind you, that is a girl right?