Monday, February 8, 2010


seems like I only get in good, real rides every sunday at 1 from volker. past three sundays have been 60 miles, 35 miles, 40 miles. other than that, its just been the miles around town commuting, which I guess is better than nothing. did my first ever pace line yesterday with aubree, jason and britton. goddamn that shit is efficient but will wear a dude out. I am slowly trying to learn too that I need to focus on spinning more and getting aerobically fit than grinding in my 50-11 or other stout gear. weirdly, my knees were kind of sore this morning but 4 cups of coffee and 4 ibuprofin later and they were a lot better...probably because I passed out on the floor last night after watching off road to athens.

The next couple weeks I am going to try and focus in on getting aerobically fit for the upcoming spring races. looks like I'll be running a lot more and picking up the intensity on the bike. I'd like to make some decent showings at the perry dam series. The cat 5 field is limited to 50 riders and I'd like to be top 15 for all of them. Actually what I am really stoked about is that there will be a good group of my teammates with me, and I hope we can work well together to get someone from Colavita the win and everyone with good final results. I don't think we should have any problem working 4-5 people to get one of us a win.

short track, thursday night throwdown meeting tonight. I'll pass along details that I get there.

peace and riding!!!

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