Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Spring Race Schedule

Right now, I am for sure going to to these races this spring:

(date) (race name) (discipline) (category)

The Perry Dam Road Race Series...
3-7 Perry Dam Race #1 Circuit Road Race--Cat 5, 15 miles
3-14 Perry Dam Race #2 Circuit Road Race--Cat 5, 20 miles
3-21 Perry Dam Race #3 Circuit Road Race--Cat 5, 25 miles

A couple of events at home...
3-28 Lawrence River Trails, United Federation of Dirt--XC Race, Single Speed
4-11 God's Country Off-Road Duathlon @ Lawrence River Trails--Men 20-29

A real race :) ...
4-18 BoneBender 3/6 Hour Endurance @ Smithville Lake, United Federation of Dirt--6 hours Solo Single Speed :)

A road trip to southwestern MO...
4-24 Black Locust Off-Road Duathlon @ SAC River Trails--Men 20-29
4-25 Neosho, MidWest Fat Tire Series--Marathon Class, 3 hours Solo Single Speed

And real race, at home! ...
5-1 Clinton Lake 3/6 hour endurance, MidWest Fat Tire Series--6 hours Solo Single Speed :)

That'll put me through the end of spring semester, start of summer (so I know my class & work committments), so we'll see how the financials are holding up then... I really want to do all these spring races before summer hits hard.

peace and riding!

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