Saturday, January 23, 2010

me? a roadie?

Check it out! Got a new road bike yesterday, the Jamis Satellite, steel frame, carbon fork, full compact gearing set-up.

Few different changes from the stock: wheelset-upgrade (I can't remember what they are). Seatpost is soma (I think) not ritchey, saddle-upgrade is a selle san marco. Double chainring (50-34) up front instead of a triple.

very fast bike ~21 lbs. having full gears is awesome already and I've only ridden it last night when I was testing bikes out and this morning here to UMKC. I will say, if you are looking for a killer deal on a 2009 jamis, go to volker and talk to britton, he hooooooooked me up. I want to give a shout out to britton (a lot of people have been recently) for hooking me up on the new wheels. Colavita-Parisi is gonna be insane fast this year with 3-4 of our guys on sub-14 lb Jamis Xeniths.

So why the road bike you may wonder, especially since I don't particularly like road riding. I do enjoy it, just not in anywhere the same capacity as mountain biking. Mainly I enjoy putting in long miles with good friends, and this road bike will help me accomplish and allow me to not get dropped on a SS CX or SS MTB. I am planning on a few road races this year, NO CRITS!, but actual road races/circuit races that have some real miles. Basically in one sentence, the road bike is to train with and do a couple spring circuit races to train for the MTB season.

I have decided I am going to do the Perry dam race series in March. CAT 5, I think 15, 20, then 25 mile races on the first 3 weekends in March, then the River trail MTB race. I will try to upgrade in road as fast as possible to 4's. MTB I will be racing dedicatedly in the Single Speed class (or marathon class in MWFTS). And I will be doing every 6 hour race solo single speed hopefully climaxing at RIM--12 hours solo single speed.

should be a fun year :) btw--did you notice this posting has a pic? :)

peace and dirt!

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