Monday, January 11, 2010


hello new year.

haven't had much really go on since the last update. I did that exploration ride around the west bottoms. kind of eerie when all you see and hear are trains. fun time around 20 miles in snow/ice/slush. rode from home to southwest blvd. up some random side streets for awhile, got lost, ended up riding underneath the 12th street viaduct, hit some kansas river levee trail I was likely not supposed to be on, around warehouses and railroad stuff, back to sw blvd, into downtown, back to the blvd again for dairy queen, then up the hill on 31st back home. good times.

new years eve, mason and I rode 26 miles from midtown out to stump park in shawnee to watch some cross. found a sweet route that will take you from downtown to the mill creek paved trail system. very low traffic, pretty flat with a couple bigger hills, along the kansas river a lot of the way. again, good times.

jan 2 was the street cred time trial. 10*, 2 miles, 1 all up, then 1 coming back down roanoke from 31 up towards 39th street west. I think I got 7-8, not bad on a Single speed cross bike. britton crushed it on the dogma in a skinsuit.

mason and I tried a couple times the following week to ride trail. went to BuRP for taco tuesday and got 2.6 miles, mostly on the road between the west side and south side trails. completely packed in deep snow. the newt day we headed out to shawnee mission park where we were told it was rideable. Of couse, on our way there it starts snowing, heavily. JCPRD had the park blockaded off so we parked and rode in to the orange loop. saw another brave soul coming out when we were headed in. Did just one pass of the orange loop and the snow was coming down too heavy to make it fun anymore. Hadn't walked the bike that much ever. Took us about 2 hours to do 5.4 miles. terrible condidions.

most of my break from school was spent setting around drinking gin and talking to bob. god it was nice to be 19 again :)

birthday ride wednesday leaving from volker at 6 pm. come join me and buy me a birthday drink ;)

peace and dirt!!!

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