Tuesday, December 29, 2009

winter break

haven't been doing much riding at all, other than a 50 miler that ben mccall and I did a couple weekends ago through the northland. we even hit cornfield!

i'm gonna go for an exploration ride after writing this, stay tuned :)

here's the race schedule that kansas citians should look to do next year. no conflicting dates and all within 3 hours of the city. enjoy.

UFD-United Federation of Dirt
MWFTS-Midwest Fat Tire Series

3-28 Lawrence river Trails, UFD
4-11 God's Country Duathlon @ Lawrence River Trails
4-18 BoneBender 3/6 Hour Endurance, UFD
4-25 Neosho, MWFTS
5-1 Clinton Lake 3/6 hour endurance, MWFTS
5-8 St Joe, UFD
5-16 Columbia, MWTFS
6-6 Warsaw, UFD
6-12 Missouri States, UFD
6-20 Emporia, UFD
6-27 Perry, UFD
7-11 Springfield, MWFTS
7-25 Sunflower/Show-Me Games
8-8 Spanish Lake, UFD
8-14 Rapture in Misery 6/12 hour endurance, UFD
8-22 Crankfest, UFD
8-28 Cruise the Blues 5 hour endurance
9-4 Jeff City 3/6 hour endurance, MWFTS
9-12 Ark City, UFD
9-19 KC Cup, UFD
9-26 Knob Noster, MWFTS
10-19 Burning at the Bluff 3/6 hour endurance, UFD
10-23 Berryman Epic, MWFTS

lots of racing fairly close next year.

also, made a log of my work days/hours put in over the past couple years for ERTA...here is where I stand through today:

11-16-08 Kill Creek 3 hours
12-6-08 Stocksdale 4 hours
1-3-09 Landahl 4 hours
1-31-09 Blue River 4 hours
6-20-09 Blue-Swope Connector 5 hours
6-26-09 SMP-horse trail 4 hours
10-3-09 Blue-Swope Connector 4 hours
11-7-09 Swope 4 hours
11-8-09 Blue-Swope Connector 4 hours
11-21-09 WyCo 4 hours
12-6-09 Swope 3 hours
12-17-09 Swope 2 hours
12-18-09 Swope 3 hours

48 hours total at 8 different locations. And I don't own a car. get out and build trails that you like to ride, so you have more to ride!

peace and dirt!

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