Monday, December 7, 2009

blowing off school

as I sit here and type this I have the following to do: 5 page research paper for Middle American Geography, which I haven't started research on, a hw assignment due at 2 pm for stats, a 13 minute spanish skit tonight, a 4 page analysis for women's studies due tomorrow morning, a 4 page spanish composition due wednesday, spanish grammer homework and my spanish final is wednesday evening.

so....what did I do this weekend instead of being smart? I rode of course :)

saturday, Mason and I hit up Landahl again. Tasty all the way down, then the lollipop, then doubletrack all the way through the scoutcamp/west side back to Argo, where we met up with Phil, Ben, Matt and Matt. Dropped back in, did Will's out, Dave's up to family, family/offshoots back to Rim job, rim job back to the argo trail head. doesn't seem like a lot, but we stopped a few times to play on obstacles/watch people fall down. good ride with good people.

sunday Mason and I were both feeling the day before so we opted for trail work then a ride. got out to swope phase 3 and did some fine bench cutting and crib walling, then rode everything at swope for around an hour before the rain came when we were back on 8 pins. needless to day, 30* rain will get you moving pretty quick, so we hightailed it back to the car. we ended up riding all the phase 3 stuff that's been worked on, some hiking trail, wudchuck run/8 pins/rancho deluxe, then doubletrack through the top of the camp back to the car. basically the KC Cup race loop in reverse with a couple secret spots I can't mention.

now I'm writing this instead of doing the prior list of schoolwork. procrastination at its finest :)

peace and dirt!!!

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