Monday, December 14, 2009

more riding on tap

last week was pretty much a wash for riding, considering it was the last week of the semester, and it decided to snow and be like 5*. Mason still came up this weekend again though.

Saturday we opted for stocksdale, to avoid the thawing southside and miss the slippery rocks/roots of other trails. Great time riding everything they had, first one way, then the other. 2 laps in about an hour, not the greatest, but considering the conditions (sloppy/melty snow) we were tearing pretty good.

sunday we were gonna freeride, then we decided that road riding with the colavita team at 1 pm might be fun. so we chilled until then and showed up about 20 min early. 4 other fellas showed up, all sporting the carbon fully-geared roadsters, while mason and i were on the single speed mtb's. needless to say, we folled them literally 4 blocks then veered to mccoys for about a 3 hour beer detour. whiskey shots and pitchers were had and a good swervy ride home. very nice.

i just took my middle american geography final. have a women's studies final in about an hour to take. already done with spanish and environmental conservation. statistics final thursday morning. I'm gonna go to l-town tonight with mason and stay there until wednesday evening to do some river trail riding/chill at home.

Mason and I have decided that we want to be highly competitive in the racing next season, so more rides at higher intensity are on tap. shit.

and new BB7's are on their way for my rasta 29r. thank god! i need new brakes horribly bad. the duct tape just isn't cutting it anymore.

peace and dirt!!!

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