Monday, November 16, 2009

hello winter.

hmmmm, this past weekend was pretty packed in with stuff, for the most part. friday worked 8-1 at the prechool, had class then worked again from 5-midnight doing surveys at the movies with Elizabeth..not the most fun thing in the world but I'm gonna love that paycheck.

saturday woke up early and hit swope and did some exploring with kcappraiser around some hiking trails and the new phase 3. also did two laps there. in the afternoon mason came down and we went out to burp and hit serengeti and wagon then were joined by sean and andre once again, where we took oxbow up to bohaca, then ran the connecter down to the road crossing where we hit the river trail/little moab and ended up crossing the culvert and doing the whole northern end of the river section. turned around and crossed the river to the west side and the ridge trail, then rode mostly all the double track until we found the pimpest tree house ever. then the sneaky road back the the Trap. ahd to work 5-midnight again.

sunday the cold and rain came, which was ok because I was dead tired and had to work again from 2-7.

now monday is colder and wetter. Time to get the winter gloves, my hands have been freezing all day on the jaunts around town.

cross on thursday in hyde park should be interesting :)

peace and dirt!!!

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