Monday, November 2, 2009

damn, landahl is fun :)

Weekend recap--Friday went out to Lawrence with my lady to stay with the "family" for a little bit. Got some good food in me and some laundry done, which was very nice. Also chilled with my boys Steele and Andrew from sunflower and drank a 6 pack of goose island oatmeal stout. Good times to say the least. God it was nice to be home for a little bit....until the ex-gf showed up saturday afternoon and the awkwardness hit the house, yea pretty much enough said on that one, hahaha.

Saturday, Elizabeth and I came home from Lawrence and took a nap before going out to her friends' party up in Liberty. I had been jostling for us to do the halloween ride scheduled up in smithville, but alas, compromise is what relationships are about. Unfortunately, we rolled into the party at 11 and there were two cops pulling up as well. After a short jaunt to the gas station and drive around liberty, we went back to the party, only to leave ten minutes later....21 year old high school party at its finest and neither one of were feeling it.

Sunday I went out to the blue river corrider and met a few fellas to do some benching and crib wall action. We built up this huge crib wall and got quite a bit of the enterance benched back finally. damn that stuff is gonna be nasty when its done. the afternoon was spent at Landahl with Elizabeth, Steele, and another Andrew ripping around the awesomeness that is landahl. she did suprisingly well on all the techy stuff and is a lot more responsive to the bike (she noticed the shifting issues/bent derailluer and that her shock still had my air pressure in it = way too bouncy for her) We lost andrew on family to scotty's for about 2 hours, but all was good (he took a wrong turn). we had a great time ripping and finished off absolutely tearing up will's. I think all in all I rode: the first doubletrack down to will's then back to the lot with Elizabeth to meet the guys, then DT out to dave's to family and off shoots and back around to dave's (this is where we lost anndrew) I eventually flew back on family all the way back to the DT and dave's again to try and find andrew, but no sign. So all three of us rode DT back to the car to see if he was there and to grab steele's phone. still nothing, so DT back to dave's, finally he called back and said he was on scotty's so we waited for him and had a little session in the woods. Elizabeth by this time was pretty tired so she dt'd back to the car, while us fellas ripped dave's, swedish and will's back to the car. I left steele and andrew around 4:45 cause we had to go eat dinner with her family. all in all a damn fun time with some good people. and TONS of cars in the parking lot throughout the afternoon.

don't forget! Thursday night show-and-go cross races in Hyde park! be there or be square.

peace and dirt!!!!!

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