Tuesday, July 21, 2009

rain :(

so of course when I post something about hitting 500 miles for the month, the rain starts, and still has not stopped, since yesterday :(

had a killa 20 mile ride home in the pouring rain last night from JCCC to back home...f-ing sucked, but the bag stayed dry thanks to stealing a few trash bags from the break room here at JCCC. me on the other hand, i was completely and thoroughly soaked.

so i'm stuck at 308 miles right now, hopefully i can squeeze in a cross-style ride tonight with some earthriders since taco tuesday is a wash, for 20ish miles, then hit up the JCCC/back 40 miles tomorrow.

I got a B in my spanish class this summer, fuck ya! no more classes for 5 weeks!!! riding like crazy will now commence :) hit me up if you wanna ride. i'll be working 8-6 on Mondays and Wednesdays only starting next week, until the end of August when i start up at UMKC.


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