Sunday, June 28, 2009

midtown move

yoyo: My move to midtown is almost complete. My brothers came up from the boons to help me out moving all my shitttt. Big ups to them, it was hot as hell and we had to go up three flights of narrow ass stairs. Got a couple loads left to take over today, mostly clothes and miscellaneous small crap, then clean the old place up. Pretty sure my Outdoor Recreation class is going to be dropped tomorrow after I double check with financial aid to make sure they won't make me pay anything back. Never take a 3 hour PE class in the summer for an easy A if you are taking a 4th level foreign language as well. 3 hour PE classes are ridic hard, for real, and not the fun, intellectual, college hard. It's the busy-work, open-ended high-school level hard. Stupid.

Yesterday and today will be the first days all month I have not ridden my bike. I am sure my legs and core will appreciated the rest.

Since the move to midtown is done, my 40 mile, 3x a week commutes are about to commmence. Midtown to JCCC is a lonnnnngggg way. July should be fun.


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