Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday was killlllller tonight, check out the milage log to the right --->

Steele came down from l-town and hooked it up, shredded some gnar, and basically put Mason and I into the ground.  I was already at about 26-27 miles when they got there around 6:30.  

Here was my day:  ride to work 8 am (with spanish books/clothes for work/riding gear for trails/camelbak/light kit); work 9-3 (lunch break: rode to hen house to pick up granola bars/gatorade for later on, and stuff to make a quick sandwich for lunch, then rode to the park to eat and enjoy my break...lunch nutrition ended up being a terrible call); ride from JCCC to BuRP; get to the Sand Trap and immediately do a lap with Tim Greene consisting of ox box/basement/bo-ha-ca/river trail w/ little moab/roads.  

Get back to the Trap to meet Steele, get ready, and Tim decides to drink beer.  Steele and I run to the gas station so I can refuel on gatorade while we're waiting on Mason to get there.  Mason gets there, we get our lights set up and take off.  Lap this time with Steele and Mason was ox bow/basement/bo-ha-ca to very north section of highline, all sections of highline going back south/roads back to Sand Trap.  The last section of highline killed me.  That's where I decided to call it quits.  I hiked-a-bike the last 1/4 mile or so rocky section before the switch backs back down the hill on the south side where I then cruised out to blue ridge blvd.  Steele and Mason kept going and ended up going back north on bo-ha-ca to the basement trail, then basement/ox bow/back to the trap where I had 12 tacos waiting for us by the time they got back.  

goddamn they were good.

ps--all my riding today was done on a 34x20 single speed, fully rigid GT Peace 2-9r.


  1. Just picked up your blog. I'm in Merriam and training for some ARs this year. You going to the Dirty Duo tomorrow? I'd be interested in chatting if given the chance to pick your brain about some gear.

  2. hey man, send me an e-mail at bscm8@umkc.edu or hit me up with a PM on earthriders (shoffner), or you can always comment back here