Monday, October 26, 2009

Squeezing in dirt

Window of dirt riding opportunity between rain soakings: saturday morning to sunday morning.

saturaday morning Elizabeth and I hiked phase 1 of swope to check the rideability of the tread. good to go! So Mason came up for some riding again this weekend. Rode out at Swope saturday afternoon, riding up orange to 8 pins, then turning around/back to do 8 pins a few more times before keeping on back down the blue. I had nicely adjusted disc brakes on the 29er and was ripping out there like I hadn't in a while. Good gripping brakes definitely help the confidence. We also poached quite a bit of some hiking trails around the camp lake of the woods area up top, finishing with a very nice downhill run back to where phase three is getting ready to be cut in.

Sunday morning we got up and all 3 of us, Mason, Elizabeth and I, headed up to Liberty to check out stocksdale park. Good time riding considering that Elizabeth and I were hungover from a halloween party the night before (thanks to Mason for DD-ing). We did the field loop to warm up then started on the north end (13?) working our way clockwise through the woods. Elizabeth bailed back to the car through the field at marker 3, while Mason and I ripped through the woods and climbed back to the top. We met her at the same exact time she was passing marker 1 :) (tired girl) I was really proud of her though, she only fell down a few times, and rode through EVERY creek crossing and rocky/root section (wich there aren't a lot of at Stocksdale) Learning to trust the tires, brakes and suspension ahs helped her out a ton.

i'm starving so i gotta ride home real quick before my next class,

peace and dirt!

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