Monday, July 19, 2010

Laundry and such

This is how you do 8 loads of laundry when you don't have a car :)

1 schwinn, 3 crates and 1 fisher price kid carrier.

bam suckas!

on other riding related stuff had a huge day weekend really. Saturday I rode for about 3 hours at swope from 5-8, then sunday I woke up early, rode the road bike to swope, did 3 hours of trail work, felt great so decided to RUN (gasp!), and popped off probably a good dirty 5 k...side note, this was one of the best runs I ever had, running phase 3 and the short track loops at swope are awesome! (cough: flat)...then I rode back home ate some chef boyardee ravolieeeeee then went to lawrence with phil and jon (aka dirty mummy) to ride the river trail. great day all in all.

oh yea, short track started last week too. I got 2nd and puked, it was good.

peace and riding.

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