Monday, January 3, 2011

last week...

so after I left arkansas I went to Potosi, Missouri for a week of work on the Beryman Section of the Ozark Trail. With 4 other manly men, we rerouted crappy fall line trail into sweet hand bench cut singletrack. It was a good week in the woods doing lots of trail building, very fun.

NYE was mainly uneventful. I slept until 10:00 pm then woke up and went to an amigo's loft in city market. jaegerbombs and bombay sapphire...enough said.

Sunday I went out to beloved swope to do some scouting/work with craig and travis Phase 4 has a lot better layout now in a few sections that should help the long term sustainability and the flow. It's gonna be fast as shit ripping the north side of the hill.

other than that, i am in a hate-hate relationship with umkc right now. So glad I (might) graduate in May.

gravel grinders, street cred, track racing series...that's whats up for some futureness.

peace and riding!!!

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