Wednesday, July 20, 2011

brommelsiek video

This is from the start...thanks to BULLDOG.

Still pic pulled from vid:

I flash by at around 0:35 in 4th position of the sport class start. Notice the amount of guys behind me. I would stay ahead of all of them, plus pass the Mizzou dude in front of me to finish 3rd overall sport, 2nd in 20s class. 1 & 2 in the hole shot were also 1/2 overall in sport and 1 & 1 respectively in 20s and 30s classes. Not bad for not having gears.

Notice the RPM I'm spinning at compared to everyone else. Good stuff.

Peace and riding!!!


  1. Yeah, what is it with you dipshits and the single speed mtb's? I don't understand the appeal. You suck.

  2. must have been a weak ass field full of st louis pussys