Thursday, August 18, 2011

all in for berryman...

so spoke pony sucked. I was in 2nd (thought I was in first) in my age group after the first lap, then my rear wheel blew up. All 32 spokes. not pretty. I had a 3 mile hike out then pulled the plug and drank beer. still got 4th though.

so monday a few of mi amigos and I decided to ride to lawrence, starting in the downpour at about 10 am. first 2 hours were in pouring rain. Quite epic. Once we got out to olathe though and out of town, the sunny skies opened up and the gravel road sections on 143rd street were perfect. Got to lawrence and went straight to free state. good stuff. I rode the cross bike, fixie at 34-13. and we rode with our backpacks full of gear for 3 days. my back and kneew were toasted.

yesterday (wed) we came back. It was slow going, especially for the other 3 guys. They were still hurting bad from monday. I finally had to take off the last 5-6 miles cause I was only grinding that thing over at 35-40 rpm tops and my knees were screaming to actually spin it out. That felt good.

CX fixie bike on gravel is so fun. for me it's probably 1) mtb, 2) CX, 3) gravel grinder fixie style. Although I do enjoy them all immensly, i would rail single track every day though if I could. CX is fun when trails go to shit. and gravel is great when cx is done. my 3 seasons.

getting signed up for berryman right now...fuck ya.

peace and riding!!!

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