Sunday, May 20, 2012

I am a dumbass...

So, after riding in Lawrence all last weekend, I took my fork and headset out to give it a good cleaning, which I've been pretty good about keeping up with the Carbon29.  In this process, I (thought) I had sat everything perfectly on the work table and had it ready to put back together.  Get it all back together and the headset is loose, you all know the feeling: everything is perfect tight and straight but still wiggle in the head and really bad when applying brake.

So I spent all week wondering what the hell was wrong, tried everything I knew, tried switching the spacers around, tightening to different torques nothing.

Well come to find out, one of my 1.5 mm headset spacers was lost in the cleaning process.

I've missed a week of perfect riding all because of my own stupidity.  

Finally looked up the headset manual to see if I was reinstalling wrong (which is pretty much impossible with the Ritchey Pro Logic Drop-In, for tapered head tube) and instantly realized, "shit, mine is about 1 mm above the stem top. duh."

So I lost a week of perfect dirt because of skipping the little things.  Lesson learned.

For you other self-wrenches, it's those small things we've done a million times that we gotta remember to check and make sure it's done right, not just go through the motions and expect it to come out like it (almost) always does. 

So I think I'm going to go ride 50+ miles sounds fun.

Peace and riding!!!

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