Monday, August 23, 2010


I should write a lot for this post, but am going to try to keep it short...already have homework to do :'(

Last week's mtb tour of KC went ok...3/6 of the races got cancelled because of rain but what ya gonna do?

Big shout out to justin bay for picking me up at stockdale after I had been under a shelterhouse for 3 hours waiting for the storm to blow past. I even got a nice comfy couch to crash on.

Saturday was spiderfest at smithville. huge fun, lots of beer, lots of food, lots of real good people. short track was a hit...even had an appearance from the infamous Mike Young (Frank Tuesday fame), who decided that the course rode better the opposite way...I was pissed at the time, but only cause of the kiddies, I knew he was having fun, and in all reality, if I had not been promoting it, that guy could have been me :) just saying I like to have fun...and maybe create havoc.

camped saturday night, heavy dew got me all wet even with the rain fly on. rode home on the roadie bike from the camp branch campground back through liberty to home hauling my trailer, camping and riding gear and my 29r. A shade over 3 hours ride time, exactly 39 miles....not too bad considering I was hauling at least 60 lbs of extra crap behind my road bike.

and to the asshole who about hit me on 210 because you ran a red time when I say to "get out of your fucking car I'm going to kick your fucking ass", I mean it. Locking up your brakes is dangerous enough on a road bike...hauling 60+ lbs behind you going 27 MPH complicates matters more so. Next time, have the courtesy of at least giving me a shot at your face insead of just your hood.

cruise the blues this weekend! my brother and I are going to win that shit after losing by less than half a minute last year. Plus Palen's trails are always fun to get out and rip on.

I am sad right now kind of because my monday mccoy's/river ride ritual has ended until at least december. I am enrolled in a gender and enviroment class during that time period...hopefully the scenery's nice...

Also back into Urban planning classes...but this year without the drawing stuff...we'll see how these two classes to know for sure if grad school is in my future.

And I'm quite sure I will be leaving Kansas City after May 2011...probably new mexico someplace...alburqueque if I go to grad school...santa fe if I have to get a job....tons (read: literally thousands of miles) of riding around there. Plus the scenery (outside and lady folk) aren't too bad down there either, and that doesn;t hurt. Love you KC, but the weather here sucks, especially for MTBers.

short post ended up long...imagine that.

peace and riding!!!

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