Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Boulevard Cup

Thanks to SC for the above picture and the one at the bottom.

There's so much I should write about this race, it was so fun. So much food, so much beer, so many good people. but alas, it has been 3 days and my short term memory burns quickly...but I will feebly attempt.

Big ups to phil for the ride out to the race and to bently for the ride home when I was sauced off the 6! kegs of boulevard beer that there was to be had; of course there was the famous spicy gumbo and penne as well, along with the best assortment of breads and cookies a racer could ask for...super big ups to the Boulevard Brewing Racing Team for making this event happen.

Also, a huge ups to Greg Rupp for the course design...gaddamn man, hella fun but I don't have the roadie fitness to keep up with those dudes on those long straightaways.

So I raced singlespeed again...22 starters this time! fuck...lots of folks from nebraska there. Kent and Britton from my team got 1st and 3rd respectively and I was 12th behind 4 Nebraska guys...cornbaggers. not much to say other than I need better aerobic fitness for 30-45 minute races...I'm redlined for about 10 min, another 10 to recover then a good last 10 to race...need to fix that.

Colavita Corner circa Colavita Creek was in full effect with trombones, digiridoos, hand drums and vibraslaps. We even did the wave multiple you can see, there was plenty of colvita lovin'...

Got confirmation this morning that I am in the Berryman Epic...60 mile MTB race Saturday...I've been out of endurance mode since after KC Cup...we'll see if the legs hold up against the cramps, cooler weather should help :)

peace and riding!!!

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  1. If you don't want to crash as hard, you have to have a proper warmup. It helps so much.