Sunday, October 3, 2010

boss cx...

Thanks to Joe A for the picture.

Did the Boss Cross #1 race yesterday...I'm gonna keep it short and sweet, list format. lots of homework to catch up on...

I got 6th.
Britton (teammate) won, 2nd thru 5th were 360 racing guys, then me, then another 360 guy.
It's impossible to make moves when there are two guys on another team blocking you the whole race.
Cross is aerobically intense.
Smoking doesn't help.
Drinking does help, or at least it feels like it does after a race.
Mexican food post-race = food destruction.
Sand pits suck.
Hill/barriers run-ups really suck.
Probably not gonna do another real race until BLVD Cup.
KC Cross scene kicks ass.

peace and riding!!!

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